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YouTube gives tips on how to expand the audience of your channel

ouTube is monstrously big today. There is a place for everyone in it. YouTube has published a video in which it gives some key tips on how to expand your audience and increase your reach. Read why you need to promote your business on YouTube.

Advice is given by Rachel Alves, who currently works as a product recommendation manager on YouTube but was previously part of an analytics team that has studied thousands of channels to identify key growth trends and formulate these tips.

This lady has key competencies in the field of YouTube algorithms, which is not a reason to listen! Here are the five main tips of Alves:

Create your YouTube channel around your audience

Alves' first piece of advice is obvious, but it's extremely important.

First of all, you need to consider the audience you're trying to reach and what they want to see. The most difficult thing is to understand their desires not only now, but also to realize what they will want to watch in the future, so that your videos remain relevant and viewers return.

Think about who's watching your channel, what they're interested in, and how those interests might change over the course of 6 months, a year, or two years if you intend to pursue it for a long time.

Alves says that taking into account short-term trends will help you get good statistics, but over a long distance, this is not enough. Therefore, you should rely on the interests of your viewers and adjust the video as the interests of the viewers change.

Alves says you need to do two things to grow:

  • Attract new viewers.
  • Make sure that the audience comes back and watches more.

If your content has unique value and broadcasts a part of yourself, you will have to align it with the interests of the audience and so you can get evergreen content.

Find your niche

Alves notes that there is now more content on YouTube than there has never been before. To stand out in this sea of video, you need to create content that is either better than anything else or has a unique perspective on the world that viewers don't get anywhere else.

Let's say I want to open a cooking channel. I could choose a) a niche market b) find a gap in the market. An example of a niche market: cook only certain dishes, for example, salads. Instead of making the usual videos with recipes for all occasions. An example of a gap in the market would be prescriptions for thrifty students. You can sharpen the channel for recipes up to 500 rubles.

If you hit one point, you have a better chance of growing your audience over time because your content aligns with their interests.

Watch a lot of other people's videos

Alves says that if you were going to start a business, you would do market research and competitor analysis. Creating an effective YouTube channel requires the same.

Alves advises authors to watch more content in the niche they have chosen. You may or may not have a brilliant idea. The main thing: you will catch trends in your genre.

Create and develop your brand

Alves says strong branding, continuity between sketches, headlines, colors, graphics, and fonts, will help your channel stand out when your videos are shown to viewers in recommended videos.

Think about which fonts, colors, and style best represent your brand, and then make sure your channel icon, channel design, and description are in that style.

This is true for all things digital marketing: by establishing your brand's principles based on visual representation, you'll be able to assert your brand and be sure that people recognize your content without looking at the logo or channel name.

Be consistent

Alves' last piece of advice: If you're in the field of view of your audience, don't fall out of it.

Alves says that to increase the number of repeat views, you need to post regularly, on a schedule, to become part of your viewers' routine. Authors must keep their promises. Channels must also evolve over time, but be consistent.