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If you use your website as a sales channel, then your internet marketing revolves around increasing traffic to your website. And convert traffic to orders using the trade hook.

Different people get to you. They have different knowledge of your business. Marketers say that your visitors have different degrees of warmth or different temperatures. And your success depends on how your website handles traffic of different temperatures. And these are different people and they need a different approach.

Savvy marketers plan their campaigns based on traffic temperatures.

What temperature can your traffic have:

  • Hot traffic: regular satisfied customers interested in shopping.
  • Warm traffic: people who have shown interest in your offer or people with whom you have already been in contact.
  • Cold traffic: People who don't know you and have never contacted you.

Traffic temperature directly determines the number of your sales.

A satisfied customer is much more likely to buy from you than a person who has never heard of your business before. Your task: to take into account the different temperature (level of awareness) of site visitors about your brand, products or services.

To get the most out of your website traffic, you need to consider the specifics of different audiences and apply different marketing tactics.

Cold traffic

Cold traffic is website visitors who have never heard of your brand before. And they didn't talk to you.

Most likely, they came to your site when they were looking for a solution to a specific problem, but it is possible that they do not have a clearly formulated problem now. Selling to such an audience on the go "head-on" is useless. Conversion will be low.

You don't approach the first person you meet on the street without introducing yourself to ask him out on a date, do you? You have to get to know him and he has to get to know you.

It's the same with cold traffic. The good news is that this is the largest audience you can count on. There are many more people in the world who do not know you!

That being said, cold traffic is the most expensive to target. Because it will take you time and money to fuel cold traffic and arouse their interest in yourself. Trust is expensive!

What should be on the site to warm up cold traffic:

  • Show them your best content. Many do not understand why to engage in content marketing. But for this: make cold traffic warmer! Put cold traffic with ads on your most compelling pre-sales articles and gradually build trust.
  • Communicate. Invite them to follow your social media pages to get used to you. And you'll be able to track their behavior using a pixel to show more relevant ads.
  • Mail marketing. Start with micro-conversions and encourage cold audiences to sign up for your newsletter. The best way to do this is to use a lead magnet – a free up-to-date offer: a book, a guide, an instruction. With your useful newsletter, you will earn their trust and warm up to sale.

Warm traffic

It's the audience that knows you and shows some interest in your product, but not enough to buy without looking. They need to be convinced that your company is trustworthy and that they will get the best product from you and not from the competition.

Warm auditorium:

  • Active follower in social networks.
  • A regular visitor to your website.
  • Engaged subscriber (opens emails, follows links).
  • Participant of the webinar, etc.

How to bring your warm audience to the purchase?

If you have good site traffic, then you have statistics on behavioral factors. And you already understand what your visitors like. So, advertising can be set up directly on those pages that are most valuable in the eyes of the site audience.

Let's say you sell event planning software.

If someone on your site downloads a PDF guide that talks about the key features of your technology, it's a testament to their interest in the product itself. This person clearly needs to plan events in a suitable program. And he chooses such a program.

You can run ads with a trial version of your software, giving people a chance to test your product before buying it.

It's wise to target trial ads to people who have downloaded the software guide on your site. This audience is warm. At the same time, show them product reviews, research results and other social evidence.

Your goal is to reach a warm audience and showcase the strengths of your product, but without selling on the go.

Hot Traffic

Hot traffic – people you've already conquered: satisfied customers and people who have shown serious interest in buying and need a little push in the right direction to make the final decision.

Hot audiences include people who:

  • Visited the site and started the booking process, but did not complete it.
  • Bought a product from you, but you can make an additional sale.
  • In the past, you bought more than one product from a similar range.

Hot traffic allows you to increase profits by selling them additional products, or return them as buyers by reminding them of yourself.

Direct hot traffic directly to the landing page for purchase or even directly to the booking page of your website. If they're already familiar with your offer, briefly remind them of the highlights in the email and then send them to the checkout page.

If they have already bought, you can offer them additional products:

  • Sell them a more expensive product.
  • Sell related products.
  • Enter them into your loyalty program and turn them into promoters of your brand.


A marketer needs to clearly understand the difference between cold, warm and hot traffic. And know how to work with each category of visitors to your site.

The best option: create several different sites for traffic with different temperatures. Because getting married is so different. offers in one site is difficult. The right approach to each audience will increase your conversion.