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Why does the android quickly run out of battery? Causes and recommendations

android quickly run out of battery

On phones running on the basis of Android, there are often problems with the battery. And indeed, sometimes it is quite difficult to establish the real reason why the smartphone begins to discharge very quickly.

Although, the presented problem is not as popular as before. The reason for this is particularly that developers install powerful batteries in their flagship equipment. True, not only they are able to provoke a quick discharge. Thus, it is necessary to find out what are the main reasons why the battery runs out on the android quickly enough. They are as follows:

• poor optimization;
• powerful technical characteristics;
• misuse;
• technical failures;
• Incorrect firmware.

It is worth considering each of these reasons in more detail.

Poor optimization


This item applies to phone manufacturers that haven't been given the trouble to properly work on the runtime of their own devices. The problem belongs to the program category. It is also related to the firmware. However, in this case, there are certain nuances. Developers often install the same software on different models. At the software level, charge control is not very well implemented. There is no adaptation for a larger number of milliamperes. These are the main components of poor optimization that negatively affect battery life. Developers need to think carefully about why the android battery runs out quickly, and take measures to fix the problem.

Powerful Specifications

If at the moment there is a powerful phone that has a quad-core processor, three gigabytes of RAM, a high-quality display and a powerful speaker, then it immediately becomes clear why a lot of energy is consumed. If poor optimization is added, the battery is able to drain very quickly. What should you first of all pay attention to the technical part, if we are talking about why the battery quickly runs out on the Android phone? First, you need to point to the processor.

In this case, the clock frequency and the number of cores play an important role. Android phones do not have coprocessors, which are characterized by increased energy saving. This has a negative impact on offline performance. The display can also be the reason why the battery on the android phone runs out very quickly. As a rule, we are talking about bright displays that have a high resolution and diagonal. An important role is played by the number of SIM cards. Most modern smartphones running on the basis of this operating system are equipped with two SIM cards. With their parallel operation, a negative impact is observed on the battery life. This is quite an important point that explains why the battery quickly runs out on an Android phone. The above points are not the only ones, they are only the main ones. When buying a flagship model, you need to be prepared for a quick discharge of the battery.


This reason is quite weighty. In addition, it is quite relevant for android phones. It is worth noting that the system itself is arranged in such a way that inside it there is a constant work of applications. And even those that were closed. This system consumes a lot of battery. So she sits down quickly. Samsung is one of those companies that is seen in this especially often. And it's not just that. If the phone is used correctly, the likelihood of landing the battery by the end of the day is greatly reduced. So what needs to be done? Just do the following:

• disable wireless and navigation functions;
• reduce the brightness to a minimum or at least activate the auto mode;
• constantly complete open programs in the background;
• disconnect mobile Internet;
• Disable automatic updates.


If these recommendations are followed, then the user will not have the question "Why does the android battery quickly run out on the tablet?". This also applies to a phone like any other device that runs on this operating system.

Technical Issues

Of course, the reason for the rapid discharge of the phone may be its breakdown. Such a case should not be ruled out. What happens to a device that is having problems using it? You experience the following symptoms:

• reduces battery capacity;
• there are failures with the charge controller;
• There are problems charging your phone.

So, these are the main reasons why the phone goes down quickly. They refer to users who have been using their own device for some time. As you know, these problems often arise over time. Although, marriage should not be ruled out.

Incorrect firmware

This is another fairly common cause of problems with android phones. In the event that something happened to the firmware, the device can also quickly land. As a rule, this occurs among fans of installing custom firmware. It is worth noting that with them it is worth being extremely careful. They are able not only to drain the battery, but also to get rid of the warranty.

What conclusions can be drawn from this article? It is necessary to pay attention to the following characteristics of the phone:

• performance;
• battery capacity;
• Screen.

Battery life depends on these characteristics. In the area of the program part, it is necessary to pay attention to the following:

• the version of the device (the higher it is, the longer the battery life);
• the presence of interface add-ons from the developer ("naked" android consumes much less battery than interfaces presented by manufacturers).

If you pay attention to such nuances in the process of buying a smartphone on Android, its battery life will be significantly longer.