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Where to Download the GIF: 10 Sources You Might Not Have Known About

GIF animation is easy to illustrate your idea and turns out to be funny. GIFs help us convey our thoughts and feelings when we communicate online.

But a good GIF is not easy to find with a simple google. You need to know where to look. We have collected 10 rich sites with GIFs. 

10 Sites to Find the Right GIF


Resource #1 for finding GIFs. Created by Alex Chang and Jace Cook, GIPHY started out as a search engine for GIFs. They've dramatically evolved GIPHY through partnerships with brands, implementing integrations, creating a browser extension, and more.

Giphy category pages

Navigating the GIF database is very simple: music, nature, science, etc. Or search for a specific word or phrase using the search function.

2. Reddit

Reddit is like a base for GIFs: the community boasts not one, but several impressive subreddits with GIFs. Here are some of them:

A couple of examples:

GIF with reaction

I don't know about you, but when I find out that the payday is approaching, I react like this:

Reddit GIF reaction

Image source

GIF analogy

When I try to respond to emails before a break, I feel like:

Reddit аналогия гифка

Image source

3. Tumblr

Tumblr is a well-known blogging platform where GIFs spread like viruses. Bloggers on this platform make heavy use of GIFs. There are many blogs dedicated to the daily exchange of funny GIFs, but they can also be searched by tags.

For example:

Tumblr Funny Working GIF Meme

Image source

Use the top search bar to search for the hashtags you're looking for. Or find blogs that ship GIFs on a daily basis. The GIFs on Tumblr are either handcrafted in Photoshop or downloaded from other sites and they're pretty high quality.

4. Gfycat

Gfycat is a gallery with millions of GIFs that you can dive into with your head. Not only is it one of the most popular GIF sites, but it's also a simple tool for creating GIFs.

Search using the search, in the menu, select from the sections "Trends" or "Overview" suitable GIFs and stickers.

Here's the cat from "Gfycat":

Gfycat Cat GIF

Image source

5. Tenor

Tenor is a great GIF source for any occasion.

Tenor Mobile GIF Keyboard

Funny GIFs are a great way to laugh quickly with friends and family. All you have to do is enter a query and Tenor will automatically pick up tons of GIFs.

6. Reaction GIFs

This site offers a suitable GIF for everything you want. There are several ways to perfectly search.

One way is to use the drop-down menus on the right side of the site. The menu selects GIFs that correspond to a certain feeling (fatigue, embarrassment, pride, etc.) or the answer (yes, no, undecided, etc.). For example, when you search for "arousal," you might see something like this:Excited Perfect GIF Tina Fey

Users can also search by galleries or tags. The galleries are divided into categories like "OMG," "Dance Party," and "LOL," but there are still many tags to explore.

7. GIFbin

Here's another stellar resource for finding GIFs.

On GIFbin, users can filter thumbnails by "Newest", "Most Popular" and "Most Viewed". Or search by tags. What's interesting about the GIFbin tag system is that they are classified by both name and quantity.

Although names are fairly standard search queries: animals, babies, sports, etc., the counting feature makes it easy to find the terms with the largest volume of GIFs available. Here's what it looks like:

GIFbin View Gif Tag Page

If you have a lot of free time like me, click the "random GIF" button and have fun.

8. Imgur

Imgur is a site that hosts a lot of fun and cool GIFs. This library is a mixture of new products and relics from the 2010s.

Imgur perfect GIF Lotra

Image source

9. <a rel="rel="noopener" nofollow"="" target="_blank" href="">Imgflip

Imgflip is another extensive GIF library. There are several ways to view Imgflip content:

  • Hot/Latest Images on Homepage
  • Use previous/next/arbitrary navigation on image pages
  • Use hotkeys as described in the image pages.
  • Tag pages (e.g. cats))
  • Meme pages, such as Grumpy Cat, found on the meme templates page
imgflip gif gallery

You can create your own GIFs and earn a place on the leaderboard. If your GIF gets enough votes, you can enjoy the glory online.

10. Gyazo

One last thing: Gyazo. This site is a little different from the others, but with this tool you can shoot the screen of your PC and create GIFs from them.

Gyazo allows you to create, store and share your favorite GIFs with your loved ones.

Gyazo GIF Video Maker

Image source

Why You Should Use GIFs in Business Correspondence

Seriously, GIFs are another form of visual content that can be used for both entertainment and strategic marketing purposes. For businesses, they can be a tool to showcase corporate culture and attract more attention to customers looking for authenticity.

Internal use

Internally, sharing GIFs in conversation or incorporating them into presentations can help break down the monotony of daily work.

Adding some level of quirkiness to meetings or seminars can make employees more interested and satisfied. It never hurts to laugh in the office.

External links

55% of B2C content creators say that creating or sharing visual content is a big priority for them nowadays. Similar to video or live recordings, using GIFs to convey ideas offers the interlocutor visual effects that work better than text.

For example, when people hear information, they will only remember 10% of that information after three days. However, if a relevant image is combined with the same information, people retain <a rel="noopener nofollow" "="" target="_blank" href="" _istranslated="1">65% of the information after three days.

Also, using GIFs in social media accounts is a great way to grab the attention of potential customers. Whether it's Instagram, Twitter, or a blogging platform, adding a GIF to your post can prove beneficial to businesses.