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What is the difference between C and C++

difference between C and C++

Short answer: C++ is improved C. These languages have 99% the same syntax and commands, but C is more about structural and procedural programming, and C++ is about object-oriented programming.

99% nothing, but C++ has native OOP support.

C is a language that Dennis Ritchie made in 1973. The main goal of the language is speed, speed, and versatility. The language was originally designed as a system language so that you could write code for processors, drivers, and create operating systems on it. At the time, most of these things were done in assembly language, and Ritchie wanted to simplify it.

C++ was invented by Björn Stroustrup in the early eighties, when it lacked the capabilities of standard C. He made the language more rigorous, added classes, an OOP approach and operator overloading, while maintaining the speed of the original C. In 1983, Björn renamed the language from "C with classes" to C++.

👉 About overloading operators some other time 🙂


  • The code is easier to read
  • Easier to port code to other platforms
  • There are structures and variables of the "structure" type
  • Inheritance is a structure within a structure
  • void is a required word
  • you can declare a global variable multiple times
  • Exceptions need to be constructed by yourself
  • No operator overload
  • Almost everything is standard and predictable


  • Code looks more complicated
  • Due to the peculiarities of the language, it is more difficult to port the code
  • There are classes and objects
  • Classic OOP-style inheritance
  • You don't have to use the word void
  • A global variable is declared only once
  • There is exception handling
  • Operators can be overloaded
  • It's easy to write code that doesn't know where the error is

Why study

C is a classic language for developing system software and any software for microprocessors. Linux, most of Windows and MacOS are written on it. If you take any modern wearable gadget or electronic device, in most cases they also work under the control of a program in C. There is a huge amount of code in the world that is written in C (and the same amount will be written), so C programmers do not foresee problems with work.

C++ is the choice of those who both need all the power of C and the flexibility of object-oriented programming. Counter-Strike, StarCraft, and World of Warcraft are written in C++, which means you can combine C performance with modern technology. Part of the engine Unity also written in C++ to gain direct access to memory and system resources.

Can you elaborate?

There's really not much difference between C and C++. These are equally powerful and fast languages, they just have different scope and programming style.

If speed, performance and relative simplicity of the language are important to you , look at C, it's all there. On the other hand, because of its simplicity, many things will have to be done manually – handle exceptions, monitor the lifetime of variables and structures, or write additional code.

C++ is more suitable for supporters of the OOP - it already has everything you need to work with objects, scopes and other good. Sometimes such code is harder to maintain and can run a few percent slower than C, but it has that freedom that the original language doesn't have. That same operator overload is a surprisingly powerful thing in skillful hands that can save a lot of time and resources.

To make it clearer, we will soon write in detail about both languages. And you do not get sick and take care of yourself.