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What are the most necessary applications for Android?

applications for Android

Owners of modern mobile gadgets try to optimize their device as much as possible. In many ways, this is helped by special applications. Most users don't even realize how useful they can be. Each of them is aimed at certain actions and, which of them will be most useful, we will consider further.


Virus protection.

Undoubtedly, applications for system protection are very important, especially for users who regularly visit the Internet. And it does not matter for what purposes. The virus can be obtained both when downloading files and during a normal visit to unprotected sites. The main, and perhaps the only, disadvantage of such programs is the consumption of a large amount of system resources. Simply put, they slow down the device very much and it is possible to use them imperceptibly only on very powerful gadgets. The most popular representatives of such software were mobile versions of Dr.Web Light and Avast! Mobile security.


The first will be able to protect the system as much as possible due to its reliability. Also, they do not require too many resources for work, which is quite good for the performance of the entire system. The second is a novelty in the antivirus market and works quickly and efficiently. The disadvantage of such an application is a long search for a good version, there are too many non-working programs on the Internet, and sometimes there are also viruses. So if you want to get rid of the existing infection, you can also catch a new one.

Internet surfing.

With modern gadgets, it is simply impossible not to take advantage of the connection to the World Wide Web. Of course, it is possible to do this using a standard browser, but none of them will fully meet the requirements of the user. Manufacturers can rarely provide their customers with decent products and therefore users have to independently install more advanced browsers on devices. The most popular and optimized is Google Chrome. This browser is very fast and high-quality, besides it takes up very little space on the device. This application supports synchronization with the account and by logging in you can transfer to the gadget the entire history and bookmarks from other Google browsers. Also, the application is equipped with a voice search function and it is convenient to use it, even without the help of hands.

Previously, the first place in downloads was occupied by the mobile version of Opera Mini. During its introduction to the market, this browser was the first to provide users with the ability to work with several bookmarks at the same time. In addition, the stability of the work was at the height. But now almost all mobile browsers can boast of such functions and the advantage of Opera remains only a pair of work with the telecom operator Tele2. You can use it on other communication providers, but this one has a tariff in which users are given unlimited use of the Internet with this browser for three rubles per day. Thus, you can save a lot.

File manager.


Some modern devices have these applications in the standard set, but most, nevertheless, need their additional installation. File managers are useful for finding downloaded files in an infinite number of device folders. After all, receiving a picture or music from the Internet, it is almost impossible to find its location on the phone. That's what managers are for. They allow you to view all folders of the device without unnecessary effort and wandering. Strangely, even the fact that applications of such a plan are very useful did not make them diverse. Users are given only a few options, such as File Manager or File Manager HD. But pop essentially they are identical and there is no difference which one to choose. Such applications do not just give the ability to view files, but also work with them by archiving or moving.

Social networking applications.

All Internet users are familiar with the concept of social networks. Almost everyone already has an account in one or another network, especially since there are a lot of them now. Download and install such an application is not difficult for absolutely any user. You can find a licensed version in your store and they are called, as well as the social network itself for which it was created, for example, "VKontakte" or "Odnoklassniki". Working in specialized applications is much more convenient, they are already optimized for mobile devices. All functions remain the same, only their location changes, again for greater convenience.


Applications of this plan may not be considered mandatory, but certain categories of citizens simply need them. They are especially useful for lovers of travel, but even ordinary users from time to time need to indicate the correct path. Of course, it is better to use specialized devices, but not everyone has the opportunity to purchase them. Therefore, downloading the appropriate applications is popular among users of mobile gadgets. The most downloaded is the application "Navitel Navigator". It has the function of voice notification and download of several maps. Also, the positioning system is very well established and practically does not give failures during operation.


Along with navigators, users are offered various applications with maps. They are much more efficient and convenient than their outdated paper counterparts. Travelers will simply be obliged to have such a program on their device. But it will be convenient to use them only on the large screen of the tablet, on a smartphone it is difficult to consider small details, even when zooming in. The most popular application of this direction is the product of the well-known campaign - Google Maps. It contains not only graphic images of the terrain, but also real images from satellites, allowing users to see the necessary terrain in reality. Disadvantages can be called a large amount of the source file and the need for an Internet connection to download the application. An analogue of this application is no less popular "2GIS". It is a real guide for the traveler, showing the user not just a map, but also all the organizations located on the ground, road maps and public transport, as well as much more. When using "2GIS" you can have a great time on a trip, having downloaded in advance a map of the city to which the user will go.

Applications for communication.

In the modern world, the means of alternative communication come to the fore. Of course, with their availability, they are gradually replacing conventional mobile communications, despite the fact that operators are trying to present their tariffs to users as profitably as possible. Such applications work via the Internet, and if it is free, they do not require any monetary spending at all. Previously, such popular software was ICQ. It was used, perhaps, by everyone who often spent time on the network. In the modern world, the place of the past was taken by no less popular Viber. It has much more opportunities than the old ICQ, but the first place is occupied by the mobile Skype. It allows users to make video calls to other users of this application. In addition, you can simply send messages if the Internet connection is not too good for video. Transferring files using this application is as easy as messages.

Additional optimization.

Among all the above programs, there is a small list of additional ones that will also be useful to users. For example, for greater convenience of Internet surfing, Adobe Flash Player is suitable. It allows you to load various animation applications. For video playback, MX Player is perfect. It contains a much larger set of codecs than standard applications of this kind. Thus, it will be able to play more video formats and please the user with stable operation. It also contains additional customization features that optimize your performance. For reading enthusiasts, a great solution would be to install Cool Reader. It is able to open almost all known text formats without unnecessary effort and without distorting the text.


The list of useful programs for mobile gadgets can be replenished endlessly. It all depends on the personal hobbies of the user. Above were listed those applications that will be of interest to most categories of users.