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It's amazing how much the mobile internet affects our daily lives!

In the early 2000s, we sent each other texts. We regularly found new features on how to express ourselves in 180 characters. And now mobile communication has changed radically and completely turned our communication upside down.

This all has far-reaching implications. Fewer and fewer people are reading books on trains, newspapers are dying out, old advertising models are going over the horizon because of the ever-increasing variety of entertainment available in our pockets. Communication made us more informed, easier for us to be in touch with relatives, and also gave us more freedom to make purchases. And all this, plus many other functions, we do from a smartphone!

Being in the process, it is difficult to cover all the changes. There's a lot we don't notice, a lot of things seem natural. But here are the statistics: where people spend time online and which sites cause the greatest involvement of their users.

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