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Ways to clear the cache on the Android operating system

Android operating system

In the process of operation of any Android device, there is a gradual filling of the cache with unnecessary information, which, in turn, significantly reduces the speed of the gadget.

Therefore, it is recommended to periodically clear the cache of your smartphone or tablet computer. However, what methods of cleaning it exist today and what may be needed for this?


When do I need to clear my cache?

Before you start considering the basic methods of deleting unnecessary files, it is worth understanding when such a need arises. A system cache is a set of information that a smartphone or tablet downloads in the process of loading Internet pages. This information includes text and multimedia content. It is worth noting that downloading this information occurs in order to increase the speed of loading sites and improve the correctness of their display in Internet browsers.


Probably, every owner of a modern electronic gadget in the process of browsing sites drew attention to the fact that loading pages does not occur instantly, but takes a certain time. At the same time, the download speed in different cases is different. As the cache fills up, the time it takes for the operating system to search for information and files stored in it increases, so cleaning allows not only to increase the free space on the flash drive, but also to increase the speed of downloading Internet content.

It is worth noting that the filling of cache memory occurs not only when working on the Internet, but also when using various applications installed on the gadget. Android stores in the system cache information about all the actions that the user performs.

Integrated cleaning tools

As mentioned earlier, clearing the cache of unnecessary files allows you to increase the speed of the device. However, how to remove all unnecessary files and what tools are designed for this? The operating system itself comes to the user's aid first, since it implements an integrated tool for cleaning the system.

In order to use it, you need to go to the memory settings of the device, and then go to the "Cached data" section. After that, Android will give an alert about the possibility of cleaning the gadget from garbage. After confirming this operation, all unnecessary files stored in the system cache will be automatically deleted. However, it is worth noting right away that you should not abuse the use of this tool, since too frequent cleanings can cause harm to Android.

Complete cleanup of the gadget

In addition to the tool to remove unnecessary files, you can roll back the device to factory settings. At the same time, absolutely everything that was installed by the user during the operation of the gadget will be removed from the device. To roll back the system, you need to go to the settings, go to the "Privacy" section and click on the "Reset settings" button. After confirming the operation, Android will restore the factory settings and reboot the device.

Cleaning with third-party utilities

You can also clean a smartphone or tablet running Android using special utilities from third-party developers. You can find such an application in the online market Google Play. At the same time, there is no fundamental difference in which of the utilities you will use, since they all work according to an identical algorithm.

The main advantage of third-party applications is that they show the amount of memory that was released during the cleaning process.