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Unlocked emoticons for iOS 14 and Android 11

We're new to the changes that Apple and Google are making to emojis in iOS 14 and Android 11. And there's more good news than ever, and it's very cute.


Android 11

This is from reports from The Verge and Emojipedia, which brought together previewed emoticons by the two companies.

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The theme of the 117 new emojis was already defined back in January by the Unicode Consortium, the industry group responsible for deciding which characters will be added to the Unicode standard to ensure consistency across all devices. But this is our first look at how Apple and Google will display these emoticons on iPhone and Android phones.

To sum up the new additions to the emoji catalog, there are new gender variations of classic emoticons, such as Bride, Groom, Baby Feeding, new anatomical symbols such as realistically drawn heart and lungs, and a transgender flag and symbol connecting a different gender and LGBTQ+ icons.

There are also new food and drinks. items such as tamale, fondue and bubble tea, as well as some new animals such as the dodo and polar bear.


Apple's versions will likely reach all of its major platforms, which means you'll see these projects on both macOS and iOS. We'll also see some new additions to Apple's customizable Memoji, including new face mask options; reflecting the increasingly frequent appearance of them in the US and UK in real life.

Meanwhile, on Android, Google has focused on redesigning some of its animal emoticons. Users of the Android 11 beta may have already experienced this, but now they're definitely moving to a stable version of the OS, according to Emojipedia. For example, take a look at a new turtle emoji based on one that originally existed on Android between 2013 and 2017.

Google will have its own design for a wider selection of new emoticons that are about to be unveiled, but it looks like it's keeping them a secret a little longer.

Hopefully, users will be happy with this update, as it looks like we won't get another batch of emojis until 2022. This is because the Unicode Consortium is delaying the finalization of its next standard due to problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic.