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The role of the site for the company in 2022

Retrospective intro

10-15 years ago, the question "Why do we need a website" was answered in the same way: so that people could find our company on the Internet. In his 1999 book Business at the Speed of Thought, Bill Gates said:

If your business is not online, then you are not in business!

That phrase was a bit of a mess. I didn't bring it in to cheaply prove my case. Today I will share my thoughts on how far Internet marketing has gone from a direct understanding of the 20-year-old slogan of Bill Gates. But first, subscribe to our Telegram channel to receive notifications about new publications. We regularly publish such interesting articles!

What does a website mean to a company today?

At the time when Gates wrote "Business at the Speed of Thought," the search function of a corporate website (a corporate website is a company's website) really came to the fore. The Internet entered people's lives and buyers began to have a habit of Googling, and not relying only on advertising and directories.

But now more than 20 years have passed. The Internet has grown to the point that it has become part of the culture. It is no longer a "browser", but a habitat. One search for information cannot explain the Internet, it performs other functions. If I were asked to draw an analogy with something, I would say that the Internet is now like air. We breathe the internet without noticing it. We use the Internet almost without realizing it.

When I went online first, it was not an easy conscious process: modem, card payment, connect, slow loading and traffic control. About the mobile Internet in general, one could only dream: even after entering it, on the screen of 128x128 pixels you could see some squares and awkward titles, and the sites themselves could not be used.

The modern Internet does not require a connection. As does not require the inclusion of the supply of air that we breathe. We notice the Internet not when we use it, but when it disappears. Agree, this is a completely different environment than the one in which Bill Gates uttered a catch phrase.

Nevertheless, websites have not lost their importance for business. Let's understand their new role.

A fair number of marketers sweetly sing that websites are no longer needed, that there are many other channels to attract customers. They're right to the extent that the tools have been added. Social networks, recommendatory newsfeeds, specialized communities. Everything works!

I will say more: your site may not see search traffic at all. Google itself and Yandex are against this. First, they pour search traffic into their services. The FAS even intervened. Secondly, Google-Yandex wants to make money on advertising. The first page is almost entirely advertised. If you want to be on the first page of search results , pay for it.

So can score on the site? After all, these are costs that can be spent on promotions in other channels. If everything is so depressing, then why would a company need a website at all? Spin in social networks and you will be happy! But no. I have an argument. And these are not my arguments, they are from the field of marketing and common sense.

No one canceled search traffic

The key idea in the title is that no matter how difficult it is to get organic traffic, it is still there. It is in abundance if you do the right things: fill the site with first-class content, optimize the site, practice content marketing. It is expensive, difficult and the result is not immediately visible. But the correct application of efforts gives a bunch of accompanying profit in the form of promotion of a personal brand, increasing recognition, promotion through expertise.

Think about it: If your website isn't in search, your competitors will rake in all search traffic. In this case, competitors have additional cash flow, which they will let into marketing and technology. And they will kick you out of other channels because they will have extra money. To prevent competitors from killing your business at the expense of your lost traffic, you need a site in similar positions. Share traffic with competitors and don't let yourself get around.


The younger generation of marketers, brought up by Instagram (with all due respect) forgot about the importance of PR. For PR companies, it is not an empty phrase. And it shouldn't be an empty phrase to you if you consider your business a company and not self-employment.

PR (sorry Cyrillic liberty), which will provide you with a corporate website:

  • Link on advertising media.
  • Information support.
  • Functionality that makes life easier for your customers.
  • Argument in favor of the company when checking the tender commission.
  • Proof that you have a reliable company, not a one-day firm.

In my opinion, these reasons are self-sufficient for the company to necessarily develop a website corresponding to its status and develop it.

What is a company without a website in the eyes of consumers

Today you can explain why your company does not have a website. But whatever arguments you give, your customers will form an unequivocal opinion about your business. Buyers on the Internet are quite loyal to market places and purchase in social networks. But the attitude towards local sellers is unequivocal: self-employment is "on the knees" and no more.

If you are satisfied with this positioning (and this is not bad), then it really makes no sense for you to spend money on the site, there are other channels. Sell on Instagram. Pour traffic on the capture form on Facebook. Buy ads from bloggers.

If you are tormented by the idea that your mature, independent and already considerable brainchild with hired personnel, production facilities, assets and other attributes of an adult business is perceived as something small and frivolous, then you have a direct road to a web studio to order a website.

None of the currently existing web tools can pack your business in such detail and effectively as a website. No social network can even parody this. Keep it in mind when the next boy will assure you that today you need to invest in TikTok, and everything else is decay.