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The most powerful PC for gaming: description, characteristics, manufacturer

Today, the gaming industry is thriving. Humanity, instead of conquering outer space, is increasingly immersed in the world of computer games. Modern computers are being improved only in this direction. What should a modern powerful personal computer that is able to run the latest toys look like?

powerful PC for gaming

Let's try to understand this issue using data relating to the requirements for applications released in 2015 - 2016. For example, we will consider the shooter Tom Clancy's: Division, the strategy X-Com 2, and the bestseller GTA V. What should a powerful personal computer look like?


Choosing an operating system

It is no coincidence that we started with this point. On the one hand, it is obvious that the games that were released in 2016 should only function on new operating systems. These are today Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. The licensed "eight" at the same time every day more and more persistently offers users to upgrade to Windows 10. "Seven" in practice takes for itself a larger amount of resources of a personal computer.

Even the world's most powerful gaming computer will suffer if it has to give almost 2.5 GB of RAM to the operating system, and this does not take into account antiviruses and other secondary, but quite important utilities. The tenth version of the Windows operating system requires even more resources from the computer's resources. Reading the requirements for the game, you must not forget to add to them the power that is necessary to maintain the performance of the system.


Quite often, reading reviews for all sorts of computer games, you can stumble upon comments in which players say that even with the full compliance of the system with all the requirements, the game still slows down. We have already figured out that such problems are likely to be associated with the waste of resources on the operating system. But this is not always the case. For example, take the game GTA V. The requirements for the device explicitly state that you need 8 GB of RAM.

However, at the same time, half of the players have fPS sagging. This, of course, can be associated with both the processor and the video card. In practice, it shows that the greatest effect can be achieved by increasing the amount of RAM to 16 GB. This size, although it will not be top-end, but will make it possible to run even demanding computer games on your car without any problems.


The most ambiguous parameter of the computer system. This device on the one hand can be overclocked to fairly high rates, but on the other hand, it can be noted that even with a complete discrepancy with this parameter, computer games can be run at high settings. Most modern applications include quad-core processors in the requirements. So, for example, "Division" asks for an i7-3770 with a frequency of 3.4 MHz, X-COM-2 - requires any model similar in cores and frequency.

The computing power of a personal computer at the same time plays a rather important role. Buying a computer with a margin for the future, you should pay attention to processors that have from 6 cores. They will, of course, cost four times more expensive than the previously mentioned models. For example, the six-core i7-4960X processor costs about 90,000 rubles. The cost of the i7-3770 is approximately 25,000.

Graphics card

The main component of any modern computer is a graphics card. The main role here will be played not so much by the size of the memory, as by the clock speed. Any powerful gaming computer should be equipped with a video card that can quickly process the graphics component. However, it must also support all modern information processing technologies. In this case, a large amount of memory can be a nice bonus. The recommended requirements in the games we are considering are reduced to GeForce GTX 970, 770, 660 graphics cards. In general, these models practically do not differ from each other.

If you want to build a powerful personal computer, then the old GTX 660 video card will be quite enough for you. With it, you will be able to run most computer games at high settings. Those who want to get the maximum effect are better off choosing something newer. Here the range of products is not limited. You can choose the best option from a variety of models from different manufacturers. The choice quite often is between the frequency of video memory and the number of computing processors. If you are an expert in the field of computer technology, then it is better to prefer a larger number of processors. The frequency can almost always be overclocked to a higher value.


It is worth talking separately about secondary equipment. First of all, if you want to build a powerful personal computer, then check how much your device will consume. Based on this characteristic, it is necessary to choose a power supply. If the device does not produce enough power, then the equipment will not function properly. You must also purchase a high-capacity hard drive. Nowadays, one terabyte is already a little, if you take into account the entire amount of multimedia content that is stored on users' computers. Computer games usually take up 50-60 GB. Of course, you have to choose the size of the hard drive, but you definitely should not purchase devices with a capacity of less than 2 TB.

A Gamer's Dream

Now let's talk about the most powerful computers, which any gamers probably dream of. Unfortunately, in this case, the parameters of price and quality will be directly proportional. The most powerful personal computer will be the most expensive. For example, consider the Gaming PC Hyper Cosmos X. It uses an eight-core i7-5960X processor with a frequency of 3 MHz. The amount of RAM is 64 GB. The device uses DDR4 memory. Four GeForce GTX TITAN X cards with 12GB of video memory are used as a video card. The disk capacity is 10 GB. To provide this entire system with energy, a 1500W power supply is used. Such a computer costs almost 900,000 rubles. If you halve the amount of RAM and remove three extra graphics cards, the cost of the device will be reduced almost twice. The performance of the device will not be reduced by any FPS even in the latest games. Such assemblies are sold quite successfully today.


You can talk all you want about gaming home computers and their cost, but the most powerful PCs in the world are not gaming platforms at all, but supercomputers for scientific research. The performance of such devices in comparison with the equipment presented in store windows is even impossible to estimate. They are designed for completely different purposes. Every six months, a rating of such devices is published. To assess their parameters, such a concept as "flops" is used. It refers to the number of floating-point operations performed in one second. The first computer had a performance of 500 flops. Today, an ordinary home computer demonstrates the performance of hundreds of gigaflops.