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The most popular IT professions in 2022 - 2023

IT professions

Based on the data, we figured out how the situation has changed after the beginning of the crisis and how much they are willing to pay specialists

IT Market Trends 2022

  1. Adapting to the conditions of the pandemic, companies have increasingly begun to hire employees remotely, which has increased the demand for applicants from the regions. IT specialists still want to work in the staff of metropolitan companies and receive an appropriate salary, working remotely from their hometown.
  2. By the end of 2021, the shortage of specialists worsened, this was noted by 23% of company managers. In addition, experts often think about relocation: in February 2022, the share of resumes with the status of a possible move was 36%.
  3. The state is taking measures to support the domestic IT industry: tax incentives will apply to developers of mobile applications, software testing and implementation companies. In order to avoid a significant outflow of personnel abroad, employees of IT companies are given the opportunity to take loans on favorable terms and issue preferential mortgages. Analysts any job listing site also talk about the high activity of applicants: for example, in St. Petersburg in early April 2022, the number of open resumes increased by 18%."
  4. There is a growing demand for employees who can service and create products in the field of artificial intelligence and communication with customers. Due to the global transition to online, many companies need support and digital security specialists. The DevOps direction is actively developing, as large companies are aimed at automating all stages of development. Developers, testers and data analysts are still in demand.
  5. The industry is being rebuilt on import substitution. The hiring market in IT is overheated. Ecosystems are emerging and growing (Yandex, Sber, VK, Avito, Tinkoff, Ozon, MTS), which is why companies need to quickly scale teams for ambitious projects. Therefore, they begin to aggressively hunt experienced specialists whose salary expectations are growing.
  6. The country pays special attention to cybersecurity. Additional protection measures are provided in the public sector, and some companies are already offering their services for a soft transition to domestic software.

Let's see what salaries were offered to candidates in the spring of 2022.


Web Developer

What he does

Creates and maintains websites and applications. There are three main directions: frontend (external, visual part of the site), backend (server) and fullstack (both).

The pandemic has given impetus to the development of cloud services, businesses are looking for effective IT solutions and introducing digital tools. At the same time, there is a shortage of personnel in the labor market: according to industry estimates, the Indian IT industry lacks from 500 thousand to 1 million people, and web developers are among the top 10 most popular professions of 2021. In addition, after February 2022, the number of proposals in the public sector doubled, and for the position of web engineer, vacancies increased by 120%.


Median salaries in this direction increased for 2021: salaries of backend developers by 14%, fullstack by 25%, and frontend by 21%.

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Software Automation Tester

What he does

The product can be checked both manually and write scripts that will do it automatically. Automation in testing is popular, and they pay 20% more for it, but for this applicants need more skills: the ability to write autotests in Python, Java or Kotlin. The profession of a tester is one of the easiest ways to enter the growing IT sphere.

Alina Tokareva, a test engineer at ICL Services, says that the demand for testers after the crisis will only grow, with the arrival of Asian companies and the emergence of domestic vendors. The growth of salaries is also noticeable compared to 2021: in the second half of the year in Moscow, salaries increased by 5%, and in the regions - by 29%.


Average salary: 156 thousand rupeess. based on the data of Habr.Career.

June: among the vacancies on the any job listing site you can find salaries from 70 thousand rupeess.

Middle claim salaries from 120 to thousand rupeess.

Salaries of signors reach up to 300 thousand rupeess.

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Mobile Developer

What he does

Creates and supports applications for any devices on iOS and Android platforms, from smartphones to watches.

The profession is in demand: in the world market, the demand for mobile applications is confidently higher than for desktop ones. The global capitalization of the mobile development Statista is estimated at $ 6.3 trillion (three years ago this figure was $ 1.3 trillion). The pandemic has accelerated the transition of businesses online, and the growth of e-commerce and related areas continues, and business owners are striving to reach as large an audience as possible by creating applications for both iOS and Android. The popularity of applications for stress relief (meditation, a healthy lifestyle, to combat depression and anxiety) is also growing. In addition, in connection with the departure of many foreign music and video services, domestic ecosystems are becoming more relevant.


The average salary of a programmer: according to Habr.Career, the average salary of mobile developers is 190 thousand rupeess. per month. According to the service, Android developers on average receive 110 thousand rupeess. (151 thousand in Moscow), and iOS-developers - 108 thousand rupeess. (162 thousand in Moscow).


Junior: any job listing site with a good portfolio offer from 80 thousand rupeess.

Middle: specialists are most often offered from 150 to 250 thousand rupeess.

Signor: salaries reach up to 300-400 thousand rupeess Basically, there are vacancies in Moscow and St. Petersburg, but with the possibility of working from home.

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Game Developer

What he does

With the help of game engines and programming languages, he creates games for VR, PC, mobile devices, consoles. The volume of the global gaming industry market in 2020 was estimated at $ 173.7 billion and until 2026 planned to grow by an average of 9.64% per year to $ 314.4 billion.

However, in February-March 2022, the domestic gaming industry faced a difficult situation in the market. On large platforms, the ability to pay for games in foreign stores was canceled; other companies stopped paying remuneration, and the revenues of Indian companies on average decreased by 15-17%. As a result, some companies move abroad, contributing to the influx of personnel in the remaining organizations in India.

Another possible development option is the Asian gaming industry. Some experts believe that their position in the local market will strengthen.

And, of course, experience and skills will be more important than ever in hiring. For example, in the coming years, a multi-threaded approach will be relevant in game development.


The average salary of a programmer: based on a small sample of Habr.Career shows quite positive figures:


At the any job listing site, companies offer such salaries.

Junior: for novice developers - from 60 to 100 thousand rupeess.

Middle: up to 150 thousand rupeess.

Signor: there are vacancies with salaries from 250 thousand rupeess.

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Data Science

Data Scientist

What he does

Based on the data, he builds forecasts that help the business make decisions and improve. According to representatives of the any job listing site, the number of resumes increased to 5 thousand, compared to 2020 - 2.5 times. In 2021, more than 2 thousand vacancies were opened for the specialty, this figure also increased compared to 2020 - by 54 percent.

Now vacancies in Data Science are in demand in many industries: in addition to the standard IT / Telecom and Fintech, the trend for working with big data in retail is growing. For example, "Azbuka Vkusa" introduces smart pricing into the stores of the network using algorithms. The pandemic has had a particular impact on working with data in medicine: the demand for specialists has grown many times over.


Average salary: Habra's calculator says about 168 thousand rupeess Salaries of specialists are steadily growing by 10%.

In any job listing site, juniors are offered up to 100 thousand rupeess. middle specialists - 170-260 thousand rupeess Signors and leaders can count on salaries from 200 to 400 thousand rupeess.

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Data Engineer

What he does

Organizes download streams and processes data. It deals with ETL processes, that is, it processes data: it extracts them from raw sources, transforms them and loads them.

The amount of data is growing exponentially, so companies are coming up with new, more efficient ways to work with it. To do this, they need employees who optimize processes, supply already prepared data. This is reflected in the number of vacancies: in 2021, the demand for data engineers increased by 127%.


The average salary that a data engineer can count on is 354 thousand rupeess On Habré, the average salary for the first half of 2022 was 163 thousand rupeess, and according to the ODS community, the median salary of a specialist in 2021 is 200 thousand rupeess.

We checked the any job listing site - and indeed, the minimum wage starts from 180 thousand rupeess, middle can easily count on more than 200 thousand, signor earns more than 300 thousand The highest paid offers abroad - on vacancies with relocation to Canada, Serbia or Israel, signors and leaders are offered a salary of 770 thousand.

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What he does

A machine learning specialist builds models that can self-learn to identify complex patterns in the data and help the business solve difficult practical problems.

According to Gartner researchers, innovations in the field of artificial intelligence are developing at a rapid pace, the mass introduction of computer vision and machine learning can transform the market in the coming years. And according to McKinsey analytics, 57% of medium and large businesses around the world have already implemented or are going to implement artificial intelligence and neural networks in their work processes.

Despite the fact that some companies after the beginning of the crisis froze the search for new employees, they are still looking for large market players, like Tinkoff or Yandex, says Victoria Tyufyakova, author of webinars on Machine Learning.


A specialist in machine learning is one of the highest paid professions in data science: a candidate on average can count on 367 thousand rupeess.

Junior: on any job listing site with a portfolio, you can find vacancies from 100 thousand rupeess.

Middle: earn from 200 thousand rupeess.

Signor: with experience of three years in the field, they pay from 300 thousand rupeess. Since ML-engineers must have a good command of English, they can apply for international vacancies, where salaries are several times higher.


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Data Analytics

Data analyst

What he does

Analyzes big data: collects and processes them, builds hypotheses, visualizes the results.

In 2021, the demand for data analysts grew by 222%.

Hays analysts say the demand for the position continues to grow as companies increasingly use data analytics to make strategic decisions and compete in the industry. Maria Zharova, a mentor on the course on Data Science, suggests that due to import substitution, we are waiting for a demand for analysts, although not instantaneous.


Average salary: On Habré it is indicated that analysts earn 120 thousand rupeess On Zarplan, the picture is similar: about 114 thousand rupeess.


Interns and juniors are paid about 80 thousand rupeess, judging by the vacancies for any job listing site in May 2022. However, you need to be careful: it is difficult to meet "pure" vacancies of data analysts, since often businesses do not allocate a separate specialization and combine the duties of product analysts or data scientists into one pool.

Middle: specialists with experience of up to three years are offered up to 140 thousand rupeess.

Signor: professionals can not only solve the tasks, but also apply for leadership positions. For this, they can be paid from 200 to 250 thousand rupeess There are vacancies with relocation, for example, to Canada.

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Product Analyst

What he does

Analyzes user interactions with the product to help the company retain and increase the number of customers. Product analytics comes from related specialties, including data analytics, as they use similar tools: Python, SQL, Tableau, Google Analytics.


Average salary: according to Habr.Karera - 147 thousand rupeess.

Junior: for any job listing site interns and beginners, some companies are ready to pay from 60 thousand rupeess.

Middle: for any job listing site offer from 130 to 200 thousand rupeess.

Signor: you can get from 200 thousand rupeess.

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Who is a product analyst?

Marketing Analyst

What he does

Analyzes data-driven marketing campaigns to adjust strategies, make predictions, and make product decisions.

Such specialists are being sought more and more often: in April 2019, 225 positions were posted on the any job listing site portal, in early May 2022 there were about 500 of them.

Foreign studies note that one of the main problems for effective analysis is the use of outdated tools. So, 68% of the surveyed specialists still rely on spreadsheets. Therefore, the main priority for companies remains the introduction of unified effective tools, and the demand for those specialists who know how to use them.


Average salary: according to Zarplan, the average salary of a marketing analyst in 2021 is 85 thousand rupeess.

June: on the any job listing site, novice specialists without extensive work experience have access to vacancies with salaries from 50 thousand rupeess.

Middle: any job listing site specialists who confidently know the tools (Google Analytics, Power BI, Yandex.Metrica) and have been working for more than two years, offer from 80 to 100 thousand rupeess.

Signor: professionals with serious experience in the field from three years earn up to 150 thousand rupeess.

And here's what the situation looks like in the international market: in the profession, on average, they receive $ 72 thousand per year.

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What does wrike's marketing analyst do?

Ekaterina Karpova: "I studied dentistry, and now I work as an analyst at Tinkoff"


DevOps Engineer

What he does

A DevOps engineer is the link between all stages of product creation: from writing code to release. DevOps is a methodology. It allows you to quickly go through the full cycle of software development, from writing code to testing and release.

More and more companies are applying this practice: according to the results of the GitLab study, DevOps practices are used by 35.9% of respondents, which is 8.9% more than in 2020.

According to cloud providers, about 30% of companies in India will implement DevOps approaches. Foreign forecasts are even higher – 90%. At the same time, DevOps engineers are consistently included in the tops of highly paid professions. DevOps-engineer Dmitry Kharlamov also notes that companies are more actively looking for SRE-engineers - specialists who monitor the stability of systems. Indeed, foreign studies emphasize that SRE plays an increasingly strategic role, as companies are interested in automating and optimizing digital processes.


Average salary: companies on average began to pay more to DevOps engineers - since 2019, salaries have doubled, to 200-250 thousand rupeess.


Junior: Habr.Career shows that he can receive 91 thousand rupeess On any job listing site salaries are slightly lower: for example, in Novosibirsk, june is offered 80 thousand rupeess.

Middle: 180-250 thousand rupeess.

Signor: from 200 to 350 thousand rupeess.

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Cyber Security

"White" hacker

What he does

A "white" hacker is a cybersecurity specialist who finds vulnerabilities in the IT infrastructure at the request of a business.

According to the researchers, the volume of the global cybersecurity market will grow from $ 217.9 billion in 2021 to $ 345.4 billion by 2026. According to Sber estimates, India lacks about 20,000 information security specialists, and one of the reasons for this problem is the shortage of teachers in universities.

In May 2022, the president signed a decree on additional measures to ensure the country's cybersecurity. To do this, state organizations will create units that will be responsible for the search, prevention and elimination of threats, which means that specialists will be needed to ensure this. In addition, due to the fact that many large Western companies are leaving the market, the need for domestic solutions can only increase, given that in March 2022, users began to face cyber attacks more often. 72% of startups surveyed at the Security Startup Welcome Day conference are going to develop business in India.


According to Habr.Karera, the average salary of a specialist is 121 thousand rupeess.

  • Vacancies are available any job listing site, among which novice "white" hackers can receive from 70 thousand rupeess.
  • Middle with experience earns from 120 thousand rupeess.
  • Signor - from 200 thousand rupeess.