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sortcut keys for SublimeText

sortcut keys for SublimeText

Hotkeys are a nice thing when working on a major project. For those who are engaged in coding, this becomes an indispensable thing. So, almost a mandatory study of such is required. Therefore, users should devote a lot of time to such a moment - too many combinations, but very useful in many cases. So, now, reading the material, the user will spend a lot of time searching for the right team, but in the future he will be able to quickly manage the work.

Emmet hotkeys or short commands

The most necessary thing for users to know is which hotkeys work with the Emmet plugin. It allows you to use what the developers did not present to those who write code in SublimeText.

The main commands that can be useful and their meaning:

  • Tab – open the abbreviation of the beginning of the document;
  • Ctrl + Alt + Enter – make the abbreviation interactive;
  • Ctrl + Shift+ ;- delete the tag where the pointer is located;
  • Ctrl+ , - select the tag along with the content specified next to it;
  • Ctrl + Shift + 0 – deselect the parent tag;
  • Ctrl + Alt + J – go to a double tag;
  • Ctrl + Shift + G – twist the selected content into an abbreviation;
  • Ctrl + Alt + (right or left arrow) – move from point to point of data editing;
  • Ctrl + Shift+ . (or ,) – stroke of edit points;
  • Ctrl + Shift + /- leave comment area;
  • Ctrl + Shift + '- give a pair or remove it from the tag;
  • Ctrl + U – set the size of the image;
  • Ctrl + Shift + Y – counting the expression of mathematics;
  • Ctrl + Shift + R – synchronization of established CSS rules;
  • Ctrl+ ' – encoding or decoding the image;
  • Ctrl + Shift + '– select the tag (open or closed);
  • Ctrl + (up or down arrow) – change the number to 1 (more or less);
  • Alt + (up or down arrow) – increase or decrease the number by 0.1;
  • Shift + Alt + (up or down arrow) – edit a number of 10 units up or down.

Such basic commands are available from the Emmet plugin. All other functions are built into the program and are available on the developer's website. But the commands that are provided with Emmet help the best, because thanks to them a lot of time is saved so as not to manually do the operations that can be performed with the help of commands.