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Scientifically confirmed: the side menu of the site should be on the left, not on the right

The BBC film The Creative Brain: How Insight Works | Creativity: An Inside Look" tells about a group of scientists who study the work of the brain. It has been experimentally proven that a section of the right hemisphere of the brain is responsible for creative insights. And that if a clue hits the left field of view, people solve the problem faster.

We use this data in the creation of websites.

How to apply

Visitors are looking for the necessary information on the site and are waiting for easy navigation. Clear navigation helps you find what you need. If the visitor has found the right one, he likes the site. There is a high probability that he will use this resource again.

An inconvenient site makes you think. The more a visitor thinks, the less likely they are to find the information they need. If he doesn't find what he came for, he won't buy on this site.

An intuitive site converts better than a confusing one.

It is more profitable to make sites understandable and familiar in structure. We wrote about the sites of the future. Internet giants like Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook have collected the most extensive statistics of behavioral factors. They know better than anyone in the world what is best for visitors. Look at their sites: no quests, navigation is concise, ergonomics are intuitive.

The left field of view of visitors is more profitable to use. If the tooltip is on the left side of the site, users are quicker to know what to do.

Make the site navigation menu on the left. There he is sought out of habit. And the menu on the left is "clearer" than on the right side. This is due to the peculiarity of the work of the human brain. For guesses, insights in people, the area of the right side of the brain just above the ear is responsible. Information reaches it more effectively if the hint is on the left. These data are confirmed by experiments described in the BBC film "The Creative Brain: How Insight Works | Creativity: a look from the inside".

The main navigation elements on the left side will increase the chances of sites being understood. This means that it will increase the conversion of the site. We make sales sites concise and avoid "design for design's sake". We leave special effects for promotional sites, they have no place in the corporate sector.

Don't break your business

Customers who demand an "original" website run the risk of getting an unsatisfactory conversion. Web designers do not have to beg, they are waiting for a chance to come up with a bicycle. In fantasies, the web designer loses his sense of proportion. The result of the work of the "tuned to creativity" designer will win the Awwwords award. But is that the business challenge? We wrote about creativity in site building. Our web studio ReConcept also had a path from beautiful pictures to smart sites.

We believe: the site can be anything, if it is understandable.

Keep in mind the main goal of the site is the only reference point for the customer and the web studio. When the client and the performer forget about it, design monsters are born. Unusual design of the site will turn out if it is unusual. Otherwise, the structure familiar to us is a priori "ordinary".

The balance of design and ergonomics distinguishes experienced studios from young teams. The competence of the designer and web designer is manifested in doing beautifully and conveniently at the same time. Mature web developers understand that the conversion of a website directly depends on understandability. A mature client shares this view.