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Role of XML in Application Development

The importance of application development tools should not be underestimated. A good illustration of this can serve as an incident that occurred when working on the project of the Ada language. The goal of this project was to create a very powerful programming language. Part of the original idea was also to create a standardized programming environment in the Ada (Ada Programming Support Environment - APSE) language. Great attention was paid to the development of the programming language.

Role of XML

At the same time, much less attention has been paid to the proper development of the Ada programming environment (APSE). Because of this, the Ada programming language never has a development environment that can compare to the Visual Studio development environment, Smalltalk, or the numerous integrated development environments that are available for the Java language.

The advantage of the Visual Studio .NET development environment is that it is the standard. Consequently, it will be carefully tuned in order to make working in this environment productive. The developers will be offered numerous trainings on the development of applications in this environment, many other actions are also planned. Microsoft, compared to many of the smaller developers in the vast tool market, has much more resources to devote to supporting Visual Studio .NET.

The Java platform is characterized by a highly standardized programming language and application programming interface (API). At the same time, development tools, without which writing high-performance applications is unthinkable, are not standardized in it.

The Role of XML

XML is widely used in .NET technology. In the global vision of the development of applications in the Internet age, Microsoft also gives it a special place. The following are some of the uses of XML in .NET:

  • XML is used to encode requests to Web services and responses returned to the client.
  • XML can be used to model data in datasets used in data access technology ADO.NET.
  • XML is used when creating configuration files.
  • For some languages supported by .NET, XML documentation may be generated automatically.
  • XML is a lingua franca (common language) for corporate servers built on the .NET platform.
  • XML is used by Web services technology to describe and transmit data.