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Remove a program from Windows 10 startup forever

Windows 10 startup

How can I permanently remove a (portable) program from Windows 10 startup? (It has the option to include it in Windows Startup on first run.)

I can disable startup items on the corresponding tab in , but I can't delete the item permanently. Task Manager

Also note that in Windows 10, when it starts, it simply accesses the Task Manager again. Older versions of Windows show the location of the startup item (for example, the registry address), but this information does not appear in Task Manager. Also, I prefer to find an easy way to do this without searching the registry. msconfig msconfig

For this purpose, there are some of the best free tools:

  • Autoruns: A nice lightweight utility (less than 1 MB) that allows you to disable or delete startup items. "It has the most complete knowledge of autorun locations, showing which programs are configured to run during system startup and when running various built-in Windows applications in the Startup, Run, RunOnce and other registry keys. AutoPlay reports File Explorer shell extensions, toolbars, browser helper objects, Winlogon notifications, service autoplay, and more."

  • CCleaner: A common tool that performs many cleanup operations (such as clearing the registry, cookies, and other unwanted items) and also allows you to delete entries. from the startup file.

  • Startup Delayer: Remove apps from your startup, and it also has the ability to delay startup apps (to improve performance just after windows starts). "Startup Delayer gives you the ability to streamline the startup process by delaying the launch of applications as soon as you log into your computer. By delaying applications during startup, your computer becomes usable much faster. Startup Delayer starts running your delayed applications when your computer is more idle. 

  • MsConfig in Windows prior to Windows 10 (typing "msconfig" in the Win+R startup dialog box) provides a way to remove unnecessary applications from startup.