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Promote yourself, not just your business

Personal marketing can work better than marketing your business. As a business owner, you are the face of your company. By making yourself a key part of your brand, you'll be able to build a human connection with your customers. After all, in most cases, consumers trust people rather than products. To do this, you need personal branding. Personalization is a powerful sales trigger a powerful sales trigger.

11 методов персонального брендинга
There are many ways to promote yourself. Here are 11 effective ways to use personal branding to grow your business. But before you read, subscribe to our Telegram channel, we often write such useful articles.

Dress to impress

The visual components of the business, from the look of your product to the design of your website, form the right impression of the business. Your appearance is an important part of your visual brand. One of the ways to conquer people with your appearance is to dress presentably.

You don't have to wear a suit (this may not be appropriate in many industries), however, you should always dress elegantly. This implies clean, ironed and well-fitting clothes.

Accessories and details matter. Glasses, for example, can often give a sense of intelligence. And the clock can tell people you're organized.

You can wear certain colors to have a psychological impact on consumers. For example, red can be very convincing and blue soothing. But you don't have to reach Joe Pulizzi with an endless wardrobe of orange clothes, Marie Smith with her turquoise, or Jay Baer with his plaid suits.

Exercise self-control

In addition to the wardrobe, it is worth thinking about how you present yourself. Certain postures and gestures will show a sense of confidence and accessibility. A raised head, a smile, eye contact and a firm handshake. Practice in front of the mirror.


Qualifications can serve as confirmation of knowledge and skills. It can be a higher education, a license or a certificate.

Carefully assess whether it is worth obtaining any qualification beyond the minimum requirements of your profession. Such qualifications can require a significant investment of time, effort and money, but perhaps you will gain the trust of more customers.

You can demonstrate your qualifications on your website and on your LinkedIn profile, which we will continue in the next tip.

Create a Successful LinkedIn Profile

By forcing former competitors like Plaxo and Konnect to dust and capitalizing on Twitter's mistakes, LinkedIn has become the best site for professional networking. It's a public resume that displays all of your work accomplishments, as well as a platform to showcase your activities and connect with you.

High-level customers and vendors will check your LinkedIn profile before working with you. Take the time to create a flawless LinkedIn profile.

Post your bio on your website

Companies make the mistake of creating websites that sell cold impersonal products. Break the template, write a brief biography: who you are and why you started your business. You'll build a human connection through your website, turning more visitors into customers.

Show key team members to build human customer connections with employees. Photos of you and your team give rise to a relaxed relationship.

Write a blog

A blog is a great opportunity to make a name for yourself, showcase your expertise, and drive organic search traffic. Most business owners use a blog to write instructions that attract new visitors to the site. These instructions are a great way to build trust in your company. Blogs improve SEO and act as a constant source of content for promotion on social networks. Update your blog regularly to show that you and your business are still alive.

If you want to share your experience but don't feel talent for being a writer, consider outsourcing writing and podcasting.

Launch your YouTube channel

Instead of a blog or as a supplement to it, you can also promote yourself through a YouTube channel. Like a blog, you can use a YouTube channel for instructions. By showing your face and talking on camera, you will accommodate customers and they will feel that they know you long before the personal meeting.

Video is one of the most engaging forms of content you can share on social media. The videos will demonstrate technical savvy, which can be useful for your brand. But it has to be a professionally made video.

Host guest content on other sites and channels

In addition to creating your own blog and YouTube channel, you can post guest content on other blogs and YouTube channels. This can increase your fame and develop networking.

Find sites and channels that publish guest content. And contact them.

Encourage quoting you

Once other people start quoting you in news articles, reviews, and social media, you'll realize you've built a respectable personal brand. You can encourage people to quote you by reaching out to your customers and influencers in the industry, as well as by reaching out to local media. If your stories deserve press coverage, hire a PR company that organizes interviews in newspapers and radio. It's a great way to make yourself known.

Log in to local business groups

Local business groups and events are great for socializing. Some groups bring together local entrepreneurs, where they meet each other and establish professional relationships. There are industry groups. Members of these groups support each other and help promote each other's business.

Speak at events

Speaking at local events such as seminars, presentations, or business conferences can be a very effective channel for marketing both your business and your personal brand. Exhibitions usually have places for professionals to perform, but if you're not a rock star, you'll have to be a paid sponsor.

Speaking is another way to assert yourself and stake out the title of authority in your industry. If you're intimidated by speaking in public, hire a public speaking coach.