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Popular hotkeys in Intellij IDEA

Intellij IDEA has a huge number of hotkeys, but most programmers use only a few combinations. Therefore, for the effective study of hot keyboards, IDEA came up with a special plugin Key promoter.

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For beginners, it will be very useful, but for more experienced programmers it interferes more and reduces the speed of writing code, so it is advisable not to use it for a long time.

Intellij IDEA hotkeys

We've rounded up all the most popular hotkeys in one article. Knowing only half of these combinations, you can several times increase your productivity and speed of writing code.

Note that in some Linux distributions, Intellij IDEA hotkeys overlap with system distributions, so they should be used with caution.

Search and replace key combinations

Ctrl + FSearch
F3Look ahead
Shift + F3Search back
Ctrl + RReplace
Ctrl + Shift + FSearch in the project
Ctrl + Shift + RReplace in project
Ctrl + Shift + SSearch using a template
Ctrl + Shift + MReplace using template

Editing hotkeys

Ctrl + SpaceComponents (classes, methods, variables)
Ctrl + Shift + Space"Smart Code" — filters by a list of methods and variables of the expected type
Ctrl + Alt + SpaceThe name of the class in the project, regardless of the classes that you import
Ctrl + Shift + EnterCompleting the statement
Ctrl + PParameter data (within the signature of the method being called)
Ctrl + QSearch documentation
Shift + F1External links
Ctrl + mouse hoverBriefly about (induced)
Ctrl + F1Show error or warning descriptions
Alt + InsertGenerate code (Getters, Setters, Constructors, hashCode/equals, toString)
Ctrl + OOverride the method
Ctrl + IImplement the method
Ctrl + Alt + TPut some of the code in (if.. else, try.. catch, for, synchronized, etc.)
Ctrl + /One-line comment / remove comment
Ctrl + Shift + /Multi-line comment / remove comment
Ctrl + WSelects a sequence of increasing code blocks
Alt + QContext information
Alt + EnterShow correction
Ctrl + Alt + LFormatting the code
Ctrl + Alt + ORemove unnecessary/unused imports
Ctrl + Alt + IAuto-step line
Tab / Shift + TabIndent or indent the selected part of the code
Ctrl + X or Shift + DeleteCut some code
Ctrl + C or Ctrl + InsertCopy part of the code
Ctrl + V or Shift + InsertPaste code snippet from the Clipboard
Ctrl + Shift + VPaste the last code snippet from the Clipboard
Ctrl + DDuplicate string
Ctrl + YDelete Line
Ctrl + Shift + JMerge String
Ctrl + EnterSplit Strings
Shift + EnterStart with a new line
Ctrl + Shift + UToggle the standing word next to the carriage to lower/upper case
Ctrl + Shift + ] / [Highlight the code to the end/start of the block
Ctrl + DeleteDelete word after carriage
Ctrl + BackspaceRemove word in front of carriage
Ctrl + NumPad+/-Expand / collapse code block
Ctrl + Shift + NumPad+Expand all
Ctrl + Shift + NumPad-Collapse all
Ctrl + F4"Close active editor window" operation

Key Combinations Search Code Usage

Alt + F7 / Ctrl + F7Find Uses / Find Uses in File
Ctrl + Shift + F7Select what is used in the file
Ctrl + Alt + F7Show Usage

Compilation and execution hotkeys

Ctrl + F9Structure the project and collect the modified files
Ctrl + Shift + F9Compile the selected package or module file
Alt + Shift + F10Select the configuration and run
Alt + Shift + F9Select the configuration and run in debug mode
Shift + F10Run
Shift + F9Run in debug mode
Ctrl + Shift + F10Run in the context of the configuration from the editor

Debug hotkeys

F8Workaround step
Shift + F7"Smart" step
Shift + F8Exit
Alt + F9Run to cursor
Alt + F8Evaluate an expression
F9"Summary" of the program
Ctrl + F8Switching the breakpoint
Ctrl + Shift + F8Showing breakpoints

Navigation key combinations

Ctrl + NGo to a class
Ctrl + Shift + NGo to a file
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + NGo to a symbol
Alt + Right/LeftGo to the next/previous editor tab
F12Revert to previous tool window
EscGo to the editor
Shift + EscHide the active or last active window
Ctrl + Shift + F4Close the active run/messages/find/...-window
Ctrl + GMove to a specific line
Ctrl + EShow recent files
Ctrl + Alt + Left/RightGo back / forward
Ctrl + Shift + BackspaceGo to the last location of the Editor
Alt + F1Select the current file or symbol in any mode
Ctrl + B or Ctrl + ClickGo to your ad
Ctrl + Alt + BTransition to implementation
Ctrl + Shift + IOpen a quick search by definition
Ctrl + Shift + BGo to type declarations
Ctrl + UGo to a super method or class
Alt + Up/DownGo to previous/next method
Ctrl + ] / [Go to the end / beginning of the block
Ctrl + F12Show file structure
Ctrl + HShow type hierarchies
Ctrl + Shift + HShow method hierarchies
Ctrl + Alt + HShow call hierarchies
F2 / Shift + F2Highlighting the next/previous error
F4 / Ctrl + EnterEdit source / View
Alt + HomeShow navigation bar
F11Toggle a bookmark
Ctrl + Shift + F11Toggle a bookmark from
Ctrl + #[0-9]Go to your bookmark number
Shift + F11Show bookmarks

Refactoring hotkeys

Alt + DeleteSafely uninstall
Shift + F6Renaming
Ctrl + F6Change the signature
Ctrl + Alt + NEmbedding
Ctrl + Alt + MPlacement in the method
Ctrl + Alt + VPlace in a variable
Ctrl + Alt + FPlacement in the field
Ctrl + Alt + CPlacement in a constant
Ctrl + Alt + PPlace in the parameter

Keyboard shortcuts in VCS

Ctrl + KCommit a project in VCS
Ctrl + TUpgrading a Project from a VCS
Alt + Shift + CView recent changes
Alt + BackQuote ()"Fast VCS"

Hotkeys in interactive templates

Ctrl + Alt + JSurround with "live pattern"
Ctrl + JInsert a live template
iterIteration as in SDK 1.5
instObject type checking via InstanceOf
itcoIterating java.util.Collection elements
ititIterating java.util.Iterator elements
itliIterating java.util.List elements
psfDeploying to public static final
thrDeploy to throw new
soutDeploying to System.out.println()

Common keyboard shortcuts

Alt + #[0-9]Open the corresponding tool window
Ctrl + SSave everything
Ctrl + Alt + YSyncing something
Ctrl + Alt + F11Switch to full-screen mode
Ctrl + Shift + F12Maximize Editor
Alt + Shift + F"Favorites"
Alt + Shift + ITo check the file with the current profile
Ctrl + BackQuote ()Quickly switch current work patterns
Ctrl + Alt + SOpen Settings
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + SOpen the Project Structure window
Ctrl + Shift + AFind the right action
Ctrl + TabSwitching tabs and windows