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Photo Recovery on Android

Using a computer or laptop

Everyone knows how to get files deleted on your computer from the Recycle Bin. The algorithm for extracting photos sent to it on most Android phones looks completely different.

First, you need to connect your mobile device to a USB port on your computer using a cable and allow data transfer along this route. In this case, Android will be recognized as a hard drive with information and will be included in the list of connected devices. If the computer could not recognize the connected phone (this often happens with models of Chinese manufacturers), you need to download from the official website and install the appropriate software.

To recover deleted files, you will need a special program, which is quite a lot in free (free) access to the Internet. We present the most effective and popular:

7-Data Android Recovery


Photo Recovery on Android

The utility perfectly copes with the task of resuscitation of deleted files (including photos and videos) on all models of phones based on Android. Its main advantage is that it perfectly copes with the task on both the internal and external memory of the gadget. The recovery procedure is as follows:

  • Install and run the program (Android is connected to your computer).
  • Approve a scan of your phone's memory, including the SD card.

The program will exclude already permanently lost files, after which it will provide the user with the opportunity to preview and select photos that require resuscitation.



Photo Recovery on Android 2

The program Recuva is quite simple and convenient for recovering photos on Android of any generation. Even a novice user can cope with it without any problems. After connecting the device to the computer and running the program, it will present a list of deleted files from which the user will need to select the desired one. After that, the files will be scanned and color-coded, which means:

  • Green – full recovery is possible.
  • Yellow - partial or with a specified condition.
  • Red – The photo cannot be restored.

The work of these programs is based on the fact that files deleted on Android do not immediately disappear from memory anywhere, but are sent to free cells of its hard disk and wait for their turn for final overwriting for some time. It is in this case that they can be detected and resuscitated (sometimes only partially) by the presented utilities.

Restore without connecting to your computer

This option of resuscitation of deleted photos on Android of course exists, but it has certain drawbacks, which should be described in more detail. These include:

  1. The need to flash the device and install root-class access on it.
  2. Availability of sufficient memory on Android.

If your gadget meets the listed conditions, you need to select the Internet and install a special program on it, here are the most versatile and practical of them:

GT Recovery


Photo Recovery on Android 3

The program is so versatile that it is suitable for recovering deleted files from Android of any generations and manufacturers. The principle of operation is to scan the "recycle bin" of the device and provide the user with a list of photos that can be restored.

It is necessary to distinguish the full version of GT Recovery and its "lite" version, presented on Google Market, the possibilities of which are so limited that the application has only negative reviews.

Titanium Backup

The program Titanium Backup is quite capacious and requires a lot of space on the hard drive of the gadget. But its functionality deserves respect even among professionals:

  • Possibility to fully scan and protect all remote information. Correct interaction with existing user data.
  • The ability to control not only deleted files, but also SMS or phone numbers.


Photo Recovery on Android 4

I repeat once again, Android users with a small amount of memory should not even try to install this utility on their device. Otherwise, it will be an excellent assistant and will allow you to pull out almost any information from the "basket".

Try the presented methods of recovering deleted photos on Android and determine for yourself the most convenient one to use it at the right time. All programs presented for the procedure are tested in practice and are free for download.