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Pascal online compilers

Pascal online compilers

Due to the fact that GNU Pascal (GPC) and FreePascal (FPC) are distributed on a free basis, there are quite a few online compilers for the Pascal language on the Internet. This article will take a closer look at their major versions.


In addition to Pascal, the site has many compilers for other languages, including C++, C#, Java, Python, Ruby, Swift and others. The Pascal language version here is FPC 2.6.2-8. The advantage of the environment on this site is the presence of debugging, the ability to choose the theme, font size and indentation, editor mode and syntax highlighting. Also, the written code can be downloaded, shared by link and uploaded to the site. There are also command-line arguments.


This online compiler supports the FreePascal language versions 3.0, 3.2 and 3.4.Just like in OnlineGDB, here you can choose the theme, font size, save the code and share it.
interesting because it allows several people to work together at the same time. You just need to send a link to another person, and he will be able to join the session.


Tutorials point

The compiler on the site allows you to choose a large number of options for the amount of indentation and font sizes. There are 11 different themes for design. It is possible to search, undo and repeat the entered text. In addition, you can hide the numbering of the lines. The language version here is FreePascal 3.0.2.


It is an online compiler that allows you to run code in the browser in more than 60 programming languages. On, you can share the code, add a description to it and specify a time limit. The Pascal language version here is fpc 3.0.4.

Techie Delight

In addition to the Pascal language (fpc 3.0.4), the site supports another 11 YPs. There are separate windows for STDIN, STDOUT and STDERR streams. You can download the code or apply one of the templates.

The site provides 2 versions of the Pascal compiler at once. The first of these is Free Pascal version 2.6.4. The second is GNU Pascal 2007 release. Its advantage is partial support of the Russian language in the interface. In addition, there are 6 themes to choose from, the history of running programs, the ability to show the numbering of the line is different. An almost complete copy of this compiler is also available on the website.


The Pascal language version on this site is fpc 3.0.4. In addition to it, there are 45 different programming languages. It is possible to change the Layout from vertical to horizontal, save the code and lay out the written program on your wall. As in JDoodle, on the site there is an option to work on one program for several users at the same time.