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Online viewing of files on an Android device without downloading

Online viewing of files on an Android

The process of streaming video on a mobile device with Android directly from a personal computer is a task that requires some skills from users to implement. Users need to choose one of the proposed methods for implementation.

Although this is not the easiest task to implement, but everyone will cope with it. It is only important to know the nuances and get down to business. There can be several ways to watch a video. Most often, users prefer to use the capabilities of the local network.

Using the most popular method


This option is the easiest to implement and universal. To implement this idea, you will need to make a folder with video recordings or music on a personal computer accessible via a local network. This manipulation is implemented using the context menu.


Call it, and the idea will appear on the screen several actions that can be implemented. So from all the options offered, choose the sharing function, as well as security settings. Next, you will share the folder with media files.

You will need to click on the selected item to open the folder access settings window. In the future, it is possible through the local network to provide access to the folder that was previously marked on the personal device.

Now in the window with properties you will need to mark the shared access item to see the files that are located in it. If suddenly a warning is shown that this manipulation may pose a threat, then you do not need to respond to the notification. Ignore it. At this point, the preparatory stage is completed.


Immediately after that, access to video files will be opened. So directly on the local network you can view all the records. To do this, you just need to enable the playback option on the device with Android.

Using the ES Explorer Assistant


There is no way to carry out further actions without this software. The need to use it is explained by the fact that this application has a LAN detection function. Since an excellent file manager is a modern and functional ES Explorer, we will try to work with it.

Although the software helps in the implementation of many manipulations, however, at present its option is useful, which is able to open access directly to the local network.

To implement this, you need to press the button on which the picture of the handset is displayed. Also click on the button with the image of the globe. These elements are located in the upper left corner of the main screen of the service. Then go to the section with the network, and then you need to open the LAN tab.

Since no networks are initially displayed on the screen, you will need to identify them. Find all available options by clicking on the search button. Once the scanning process is complete, users will be able to see the computer. His name matches his IP.

As soon as ES Explorer has identified all available devices, you will need to select the computer you are looking for among them. Click on the icon of the found PC. Immediately after that, the entire list of folders placed on the device will appear.

Open the desired one and select the media file that you want to play. You also need to specify the program that will allow you to open the object on the screen of the device. The user should choose the player with which it is most convenient to work.

Next, the playback of the desired file will begin. At this point, the work is complete. So the main thing is to perform everything in a certain sequence.