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OfficeSuite Viewer | Download

OfficeSuite Viewer is a program for viewing text documents, spreadsheets, archives, various files. In addition, the application is able to handle mail attachments.


The program is popular because OfficeSuite Viewer can work with all office formats. Now any documents, tables, archives can be easily viewed on mobile gadgets on the Android operating system. The application is distributed free of charge, which is the advantage of the program.

How the program works

The program's interface has all the functions. In addition, the application provides access to all documents available on the device and to the "My Documents" directory. Using search, you can set a filter on the file extension. You can process documents using the sections "Spelling", "Dictionary", "Number of characters". In addition, the program has the Skydrive function, which provides the ability to view documents from the cloud storage without downloading them to a mobile device.


The software works with a large number of text formats. In addition, OfficeSuite Viewer is able to process documents from a memory card and cloud storage. It is also possible to send data via e-mail and Bluetooth. In addition, the utility is able to show the number of characters in the document.

In addition, the application has a slideshow function. The software allows you to view the documents page by page. In addition, the utility has a dictionary. It is possible to quickly go to the beginning of the document. The application also renders THE PDF. The OfficeSuite Viewer has a table filter. In addition, the program automatically checks the spelling.

The utility allows you to format tables, pictures, graphs and links. In addition, the application is able to open password-protected files. You can use the zoom function. In addition, it is possible to work with deleted files. The software also allows you to print the documents. The application works in 10 languages.

Advantages and disadvantages

The utility can be installed on Android operating systems starting from version 1.5. The software is able to work through the wireless networks. In addition, OfficeSuite Viewer has a simple and intuitive interface. In addition, it is possible to work with files from the cloud environment. It is also worth noting the processing of all office formats. In addition, the program is distributed free of charge, so anyone can use it.

Of the negative aspects, it can be noted the lack of the ability to change documents. In addition, to use the application, you must create an account.

All in all, OfficeSuite Viewer is a great app for viewing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations on mobile devices. The program is perfect for people who are constantly working with documentation. This allows you to always have access to the necessary files and receive reports from colleagues and employees.

It is worth noting the free distribution of the utility, which will allow everyone to download it and successfully use it. In addition, almost all users of Android smartphones will be able to use the application.

It is recommended to download the program from the official resource of the manufacturer or a proven source, which makes it possible to get really high-quality and reliable software. At boot time, you must enable the device's security system to prevent malicious elements from entering the operating system.