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List of apps that should be on every Android

List of apps that should be on every Android

When buying a new smartphone, everyone thinks about the applications that need to be installed. In order not to puzzle, you can see the list of the most common applications for Android.

Avast! Free Mobile Security

It is one of the most reliable antivirus programs for computers.
The latest version of the utility has a version for smartphones. According to the developers, the phone will be reliably protected from viruses, spyware applications and hacker attacks.


In addition, the program has the function "Anti-theft",
designed to track the smartphone in case of loss or theft. In addition, the antivirus has a "black list" for unwanted subscribers. It is also worth noting the presence of a convenient interface with screens, which allows you to quickly get used to the settings even for a novice user. Among the programs that should be on the smartphone, it should be downloaded first.

ES Explorer

This file manager is installed by advanced users first. Using it, you can conveniently and easily view, search, organize and archive files on the memory card.
The application quickly performs the tasks assigned to it. In addition, the program has an FTP client to share files. In addition, the manager allows you to quickly close programs when hanging.

Google Translate

An excellent program designed to translate individual words, phrases or a whole text from 70 languages. It can be useful to those who are going on a trip. Also, the application will be needed when learning foreign languages. You can also enter text by voice or by hand. In addition, the application is able to recognize text on photos of documents or uploaded files. It is worth noting that the program is able to work without access to the Internet.

Opera Mobile

Basically, the standard browsers in Android devices have nothing to boast about. In this case, many users download Chrome or Dolphin to smartphones. However, it is worth noting the Opera Mobile browser. This application is able to make work more comfortable.

Immediately you can mark the interface with convenient tabs and bookmarks. In addition, there is a Turbo option designed to speed up the opening of Internet pages. In addition, the browser compresses data, which saves traffic. In the browser settings, you can turn off the display of animations and pictures.


If there is a desire to communicate for free with friends around the world or correspond while on the street or transport, then you need to download and install this application. The mobile messenger has the same capabilities as the computer version.

The program is perfect for smartphones with a front camera.
This allows you to conveniently communicate via video call. In addition, the software allows you to send various files, such as photos and videos. In addition, the utility has emoticons, which is an additional reason to install this application.

Gismeteo Weather Forecast Lite

This program allows you to always be aware of the weather. But this requires a permanent connection to the Internet. This app provides detailed information about air temperature, possible precipitation and magnetic storms. If you need to visit another city, you can always find out what the weather will be like there. In addition, this application can make a forecast for the week, which allows you to plan the necessary activities on the street.

Hungry Shark: Evolution

It's hard to imagine any smartphone without gaming. This game is popular not only for schoolchildren, but also for adults. This is an entertaining game with a shark in the title role. To survive, it must swallow everything that comes from the ocean. It can be not only fish, but also people who swim in the ocean. At each level, the depth of immersion increases, while you can find prizes and bonuses.

Angry Birds

It's another hit ig. A rare user refuses to ruin a variety of pig buildings with a bird. You can play this game on your smartphone even with one hand. You can change the zoom level if you want. In the mobile version of the application there are many stories and maps. In each of them there is one goal - to break all the fortifications and destroy the pigs.

Fruit Ninja

You can't find a similar game on your computer. At first glance, the game is simple to the limit, but not everyone can set a new record. With this application, you can develop reaction and attentiveness, while it is not necessary to be a fan of anime. However, the abilities of the samurai may be needed here, since it is required to cut fruit with a sword, and at the same time not to hit the bombs.


This program is useful for those who use ringtones to emphasize musical taste or mood. This application allows you to set your favorite melodies on calls and alerts that are available on the service. This site contains a hit parade of new products, as well as common compositions in different directions and styles. In addition, the service has tools that allow you to create ringtones from tracks placed on your smartphone. You only need to select a part of the composition.

TuneIn Radio

If you take into account the common android apps, TuneIn should be on this list. This program has about 70,000 stations and a couple of million podcasts. This means that at any time you can listen to any radio station in the world. Stations can be sorted by region, continent, and genre. The program is a client of the service. If there is an account in it, then it will be much easier to navigate.

VLC Player

This common video player for computers can now be installed on Android smartphones and tablets. With the help of the player, you can open a huge number of formats, as well as view streaming video from the Internet.

The software has a library that conveniently displays all the media files available on the smartphone. In addition, the player is able to display subtitles and work with several audio tracks. In addition, you can adjust the brightness and has thoughtful sound control, which allows you to comfortably view clips and videos.


This program provides access to a cloud service that allows you to store any information on it. This application is a virtual storage for files of different types. You can upload photos, videos, documents, music and games there. You can grant shared or limited access.

In addition, it is possible to process documents directly in the storage, create folders and move files. The service is able to synchronize with the computer and other gadgets. To go to your account, you need to be authorized.


This app is a reader with lots of features that allows you to comfortably read e-books on Android devices. The software allows you to download almost all text formats and some archives. In addition, the utility supports a large number of languages and various dictionaries.

In addition, the application is able to sort the library with the ability to search by author, genre, title and year of publication.

The software also allows you to adjust the font, brightness, style, indentation and choose the viewing mode. It can be two- or one-page. In addition, the program has automatic scrolling, three-dimensional animation of scrolling, quotes, bookmarks, and also has the ability to send the selected text to third-party applications.

Sound Hound

It is the most popular program for music recognition. If after hearing any song, you need to find out its name and artist, you just need to launch this application and the result will immediately appear on the screen. In addition, the developers have provided the utility with a special function that allows you to recognize the melody sung by the user. Surely everyone has had situations when a melody spins in their head, but it is impossible not to remember.

In addition, the utility offers to go to the pages of your favorite artists in social networks. In addition, there is an opportunity to exchange your musical compositions.

Despite the fact that the popularity of applications for mobile devices is changing every day, there are those that are always needed on any phone. It is necessary that each device has programs to ensure security, manage data on it, simplify communication and fill free time. The best options can be considered the programs described above, which can be downloaded for free.

It is necessary to download applications from official resources or reliable sources in order to have high-quality and safe products on your smartphone. In this case, it is necessary to scan all data for viruses and malicious elements.