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Launcher for Android: choosing a new shell for the device

Launcher for Android

A launcher is a type of system utility for the Android operating system. Some users also call such a utility a launcher. Launcher is an interface that is put on a pure Android system, creating design, decoration, access points to applications and much more.


This means that the launcher is the shell of the system. On all Android devices, the default is a "native" launcher. If you want, you can always install another shell. The choice of launchers today is quite large. This article presents the best launchers for the Android operating system. You will only have to choose the right product.

Hola Launcher

Hola launcher is one of the most popular launchers. It can easily compete with the standard launcher for Android. This launcher has several advantages. First, Hola Launcher is completely free. Secondly, if you are already pretty tired of the default design, then Hola Launcher offers an alternative option. In addition to aesthetic qualities, manufacturers have endowed their software product with such functional features as optimizing the use of system resources of the device and acceleration. The launcher itself does not take up much space at all and does not load the tablet or smartphone on which it is installed. Among the entire set of Hola Launcher tools, it is worth highlighting the ability to manually clean RAM, as well as automatic cleaning settings.


From English, Arrow translates as arrow. This is the first launcher from Microsoft. For a while, Arrow was only available in beta. But in the autumn of last year, a full-fledged version of the shell was finally presented. In development, Microsoft decided to go its own way. It has released not just a slightly modified design, but a completely new radical solution. This launcher for Android will still need to get used to. A total of five desktops are available to the user. Their activity can be turned on and off. Immediately after installation, three of them will be available to the user: "Contacts", "Applications", "Last". Two more desktops that can be activated are "Reminders" and "Widgets". Arrow Launcher is free of charge. It supports icons from third-party manufacturers. The Arrow Launcher also has its own wallpaper collection.

Windows 8 Launcher

This launcher is an adaptation of the most common operating system for smartphones. Interestingly, it was released by developers who have nothing to do with Microsoft. First of all, it is striking that this launcher imitates the stylization of this operating system. This will especially appeal to Fans of Windows 8. Other features of this launcher include a live tile, which contains "News", "Weather", calendar, "Twitter" and other useful icons. The tile has its own configuration. The function of scaling tile elements is supported. The launcher weighs a little on Windows 8 for Android. It is easy to install. However, the launcher does not have a Russian-language interface.

Nova Launcher

This launcher was presented to the general public not so long ago. The application turned out to be so successful that it has already won fans around the world. Soon it will be impossible to imagine the Anroid system without this software product. First of all, the Nova launcher is distinguished by many configuration parameters and fine tuning. Usually, preference for this launcher is given to those users who do not want to understand all the subtleties, but want to see the performance of their mobile device.

Nova Launcher copes with this task perfectly. Also in the program there is a standard set of functions for all launchers: display of missed calls, unread messages, various desktops. The only drawback of this launcher is that by default the desktops are empty. The user will have to fill them with widgets himself. However, for some users, this feature is even a plus.

GO Launcher EX

This launcher for Android combines three in one. First of all, these are elegant design themes for every taste and color. Secondly, it is high performance. The launcher perfectly optimizes the operation of the device on which it is installed. Also, the launcher has a user-friendly interface, which can be called the standard for comfortable use of all the functions of a mobile device. Everything is done here in order to 100% realize the capabilities of the touch screen: convenient and smooth scrolling, gesture support, scaling and much more.