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Is it worth learning Swift? | Programming Language

Swift Programming language

Swift is a programming language from Apple that allows you to write programs for branded devices - iPhone, iPad, Mac and others on the market. However, not everyone understands the essence of such a decision from the company, because it is focused only on the audience of "Apple". But still, it is recommended to understand whether it is worth working with such a programming language at all and develop further.

  1. The first reason to start learning Swift is that it pays well. That is, if a person gets knowledge about what codes to write, then he can easily join any team of developers to take part of their profits. And these companies that use Swift get a lot of money for their projects. But you can also work alone (however, it will become more difficult to develop - there will be no mentors).
  2. The second reason is that less code is required and fewer errors are obtained during the creation of your own program. In addition, Swift is a static typed language, which speeds up the process of writing complex applications. This can not boast of dynamic typed versions, which distinguishes against the background their creation from Apple.
  3. The third reason to start training is to immediately see the result of your own code. If with other languages it is more and more difficult and longer (you have to constantly write and test separately the resulting programs, and then redo them altogether), then Swift will allow you to immediately check the work of the code without any difficulties. In order to see the result, it is enough just to press one button and get all the information on each line of code. And if there is an error, it is easy to correct it, because an experienced person will immediately understand what the problem is and what methods it is solved.
  4. The fourth point that attracts attention to start learning Swift is an easy-to-learn syntax that immediately highlights errors and provides language instructions. Thus, programmers will save their time - you do not have to think about what is wrong, because the built-in utility will determine what is wrong with the code and identify the problem area. This does not mean that after a while there will be no mistakes for a person in this matter. It's just that there will be significantly fewer of them, which is a plus of swift syntax.
  5. The fifth thing that will allow you to start learning is the simplicity of working on the very structure of the code. Users do not have to try much in any way to copy blocks of information and change some parameters, as well as continue the lines. It is enough, for example, to put "+" to combine 2 lines of code. And this, in comparison with Objective-C, is a very large addition to the main functionality of the software.
  6. The last thing worth noting is the integrated workspace, which even without extensions has sufficient functionality. For both systems - iOS and macOS, there is Xcode, which in most cases is enough to edit any moments in the system or to adapt applications for yourself. However, if desired, it is possible to use any other text editor. For example, it can be AppCode. No one in this regard limits the user - what you want, you can try to create your projects on Apple equipment.

Swift is a fast-growing language.


Swift is recognized as one of the most popular programming languages. Nevertheless, it is used by a huge number of people – there are several tens of millions of them! And therefore, the popularity of its language from Apple has already received. However, this figure is still growing, and the company is adding more features to Swift. Thus, it can be assumed with easy certainty that this language can be used further, in the future.

Apple adds different features much faster than competitors, which means that Swift can deservedly be called a fast-developing language. This contributes to the fact that even young people can safely develop their programs with completely different purposes. It all depends on their desire to create and the presence of ideas that come in different ways.

From time to time, the WWDC conference is held, where the winners of the SwiftStudentChallenge competition performed in the past 2020. And the goal was to develop their own projects under the Swift language.

The ideas came from a variety of ways, and they were focused solely on the benefit of people, and not as simple toys that allow you to literally "kill" time. Help with homework, turning to specialists for help, as well as so on - all this was provided by young talents.

And if young people were able to learn Swift, as well as show the whole world their talents, then ordinary people have a chance to get a share of popularity if they try. You just need to work with the programming language from Apple and gradually move on to more complex aspects. And at the end of the training, you can create your own application and show it to others - it will definitely be evaluated.


Universities that have included the Swift language in the educational program


Since Apple is popular and in foreign countries they use technology from this company to a greater extent, universities have introduced Swift programming into their training program. And this is not a superficial study, but a complete immersion in the structure of codes, syntax and any other features.

If you enter any university in the United States or another country, then a person will definitely learn to write applications for iOS devices and Mac computers, and therefore, will receive a lot. The following schools have introduced Apple's programming course into their curriculum:

  • Foothill College;
  • University of California, Santa Cruz;
  • Loson Community College;
  • Manhattan Community College;
  • Stanford University;
  • FullSale University;
  • Monterrey Institute of Technology;
  • Mesa Community College;
  • Houston Community College;
  • And other well-known colleges as well as universities.

Introduction to Swift


An introduction to Swift is available to anyone who wants to start writing code for Apple devices. No one restricts users in any way. Apple has even released a book that describes everything basic for programming on iOS and macOS. And therefore, difficulties should not arise when writing your application for mobile gadgets and desktop PCs.

But also, you can use video tutorials, which are distributed on the network for free, like the book itself. But the best thing to do is to watch someone else write the code and explain how things are done. So you can quickly navigate the features of the language, and understand what the final result of the code should look like. In general, everything is in the hands of the user and it is possible to learn a profitable occupation easily.