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iOS 6 Overview | Evolution of iOS | Operating system for smartphones

Evolution of iOS

Around the world, Apple products are considered the standard of quality and scrupulous approach. Such a reputation is largely provided by high-quality operating systems, both desktop versions and mobile developments.

The most popular version to date is iOS 6, since this was the last version of the operating system, in which the manufacturer adhered to the policy of square forms. Many users still use it, because according to many experts, this operating system is the most optimized.


Introduction of iOS 6

For the first time, iOS 6 was demonstrated to the general public in 2012. Developers were recently introduced to the preliminary version of iOS 6 so that they could adapt their applications to the new realities. iOS 6 runs on models from the iPhone 3 GS to the iPhone 5. Since it is impossible to install iOS 6 on older devices, many users had to spend money to buy a new device. Such a policy was commendable for its time.


Suffice it to recall the new flagships using the Android operating system, which just six months after release remained without updating and supporting the operating system. Today we will talk about the features that distinguish the new operating system from its predecessors. Immediately you should warn that the rollback of iOS 6 from newer operating systems will not be discussed. The thing is that this feature has long been blocked by Apple. You can, of course, try to use "informal" methods, but in this case you risk immediately losing the warranty on your device. In the event of a serious breakdown, official services may refuse to service you.

Voice assistant Siri

Today, many users are familiar with the virtual assistant Siri. However, a few years ago, only the owner of the iPhone 4 and above could use this opportunity. A feature of Siri in iOS6 was the expansion of functionality. All applications installed on the system could be launched using a voice command. At the same time, the ability to manage your posts on Twitter and Facebook was added. However, even in the most modern iOS 9 for Russian-speaking users, such attractive functions are not available.

A virtual assistant has since also been able to suggest the latest news from the world of sports. However, domestic users are unlikely to be interested in learning about the latest events of basketball or baseball. Siri provides users with information about the records set in matches, as well as the performance of individual players.

Lovers of bread and circuses

Siri can also provide all possible assistance to cinema lovers. But here it should be noted the following: this advantage is also not available to all users, but only to those who are in the line of sight from the cinemas known to the virtual assistant. In this case, you can find out the schedule of the next sessions, as well as details about the films shown. Here you can also get acquainted with the reviews and reviews of a particular film.

Siri can also tell you the premiere date of the movie you want to go to the cinema. If you are a fan of the restaurant, then this smart program will be able to help you out in this case. You can ask her where the nearest Chinese restaurant is. If such an institution is within reach, a virtual assistant will tell you about it. Siri will also give you the opportunity to get acquainted with the current menu and reviews of restaurant visitors. If you are completely satisfied with the conditions, here you can reserve a table.

Advantages and disadvantages

As many of you have probably already guessed, most of the benefits of working with Siri are available only to residents of foreign countries. Even in the latest version, the virtual assistant did not have support for the Russian language, and there are not so many institutions with support for remote table reservations in Russia. However, in some cases, Siri can be used to obtain information about such establishments.

Starting with iOS 6, the technology of pairing the on-board computer of the car with a smartphone was provided. This function allows the user who is driving a car not to jeopardize his life and the lives of others, distracted by the ringing of the phone. Just press the button on the steering column and give the Siri virtual assistant the appropriate instruction. The phone can even be in the trunk of the car. This all applies only to the most sophisticated Western cars. With this function, you can send an SMS, call or listen to a voice message, as well as set the desired route and control the radio.

Those who love to travel

For many, iOS 6 has become the best iOS in history thanks to the new maps. For the first time, they worked without the participation of Google. It can hardly be said that it was a surprise for anyone to refuse their services. These companies have long competed with each other. In addition, Apple has not once been seen in the tendency to provide competitors with any help. For this reason, to this day, all information for the official mapping service is provided by TomTom. Also, another important event happened: the "Apple" company began to cooperate with localized information providers. It was in the maps that the information received from Yandex appeared.

This was done, of course, not for noble motives, but for the purpose of making a profit. Also noteworthy is the fact that vector maps were used for the first time in this version of iOS. Turn-by-turn navigation also appeared for the first time. Users just missed it. It's also fully integrated with the Siri virtual assistant. So, for example, if you enter the address of your house in contacts, then it will be enough for you to say "Let's go home", and the program itself will automatically plot the optimal route for this action.


It is also worth noting that this function will be available only to those users who can afford to use high-speed Internet. In Apple Maps, which is quite expected, there is no way to work offline. All information is dynamically downloaded from the cloud. If you are not afraid of losing the warranty, and you want to get normal maps offline, then you can try the unofficial iOS 6 firmware, which provides such an opportunity.

If we compare with previous versions of the operating system, then iOS 6 is characterized by high clarity of detail and drawing maps. However, it did not come to the embodiment of the most daring desires of Apple fans. In this case, we mean a three-dimensional drawing of silhouettes of houses in large cities.


Now, when designing a voice call dialog, the priority color is white. Today we know that this was the last and first case. In the latest versions of iOS 8 and 9, it was replaced by a rainbow design. Someone may be satisfied with this design, and someone not so much. Also now some additional features are available. With the help of a long swipe during an incoming call, you can not only answer or reject the call, but also select the option "Reply with a message" or "Remind later".

Using these same settings, you can add or remove your own templates for a quick response. You can also edit templates that are available in your device's memory. If the user selects the "Call back later" function, then he will be offered two options: "On arrival" or "Call back in an hour". At the request of users, the manufacturer also introduced the "Do Not Disturb" mode. You can activate it both manually and automatically, just set a time interval in advance. All incoming calls and notifications during this period become silent, and therefore do not distract you from work and leisure.

Do Not Disturb Mode: Advanced Settings

It is also useful to know that in the "Do Not Disturb" settings, you can select those subscribers whose calls will not be ignored at any time when using any mode. Also implemented the ability to provide access to those people who really need you. Calls when setting a certain multiplicity also go into normal mode. Thus, the user will need to spend only a few minutes to configure the mode. So, for example, you can set up the phone in such a way that you are not frightened at night by either a call or a random SMS. If someone really needs you even at a later time, then this person will still be able to reach you, only he will have to spend a little more time on it.

Real-time video conferencing

In iOS 6, as in the new iOS 8, video conferencing is now possible, only now they are carried out not only by using a Wi-Fi signal, but through conventional cellular networks. At the same time, Apple often warns users that the operator may debit a certain amount of money from your account for this service. It is also worth noting that in our case, this opportunity will not affect your budget only if you use a good tariff plan, which provides a decent Internet package. Some operators abroad have proven to be more loyal. iPhone 6 iOS has access to an unlimited data channel using the Video Conferencing app.

Integration with other applications and services

Another long-awaited option that appeared in this operating system was the unification of identifiers. Since then, iOS 6 apps have made it possible to receive voice calls to any user's Apple device, whether it's a Mac or an iPad. This innovation has greatly facilitated the life of sociable users with a voluminous list of contacts who can not always tear themselves away from business to find a phone that is not clear where it disappeared. If you have a device manufactured by Apple nearby, then this problem will no longer be relevant for you.

Social Networking

To date, integration with Facebook has already become commonplace, but there were times when it was perceived as a gift from above. The same can be said for Twitter. It is enough just to enter your identification data for these social networks in special settings, and all the programs for iOS that support these features will allow you to share with friends from social networks your achievements and impressions. Especially this feature is popular among sociable users.

The developers were presented with all the necessary tools for implementing these functions into their own programs for iOS. It is also quite convenient that the system automatically checks and synchronizes the list of your friends by contacts stored in the phone. Here you can immediately enter the dates of holidays, anniversaries and birthdays in your task scheduler. So you definitely will not forget to congratulate your comrades on an important event in their lives. All app stores also have special buttons for likes, allowing you to notify all friends about the programs that are worth their attention in your opinion.


Another important innovation is the emergence of common photo streams. Now you can create them yourself, allowing access to them to one or more of your friends. If your teammates also have devices that run on Apple's operating system, they'll be able to take your pictures instantly. Otherwise, they will receive email notifications about the pictures you have uploaded. They will be able to view them using any modern Internet browser. All your photos don't take up space in iCloud. Therefore, you can easily create any number of streams with an unlimited number of photos. Your friends will be able not only to like those photos that they liked the most, but also to leave comments on them.

Browser and mail

No matter how strange it may seem to you, but only in the sixth version of the iOS operating system, users were finally able to get the opportunity to synchronize their bookmarks on all devices. For this, as it is easy to guess, iCloud is responsible. Now you can easily continue reading an electronic document from where you left off on another Apple device. It's also worth noting that the corresponding page settings can also be saved in the cloud.

You won't need to connect to the internet to read. This is extremely important in modern conditions. Many users, perhaps, only for this reason wanted to switch to iOS 6. In fact, it was worth updating the system, because the useful innovations have not yet ended there. Another piece of news was that the Safari Internet browser has finally learned how to position the page appropriately when using the horizontal orientation of the device.

You just need to click on the bottom button located on the toolbar. The post office received a VIP add-on. Using it, you can collect all correspondence from different mailboxes and mark separate letters from important recipients. It is also possible to create a separate account for each e-mail box.

Shop window updates

Significant changes also affected stores. They have acquired a more beautiful and user-friendly interface. The change in color scheme was not limited to this. The interface has been substantially redesigned. For example, there are new sections of applications. Each has its own scroll bar. This greatly facilitates the process of working with the store.


The importance of iOS 6 in the evolution of mobile systems from the "Apple" company is certainly great. It was in this system that squeformism was last used in design. Optimization was put in the first place. All modern mobile versions of the operating system of this company are based on it.