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Introduction to the C# programming language (sharp)

Pronunciation and recording

The correct pronunciation is as follows: si sharp.
The correct designation in written materials is C# or C sharp.

Language brief


C# is an object-oriented programming language, is a C-like (C-like) language, that is, it has a clear resemblance to the C (C) programming language.

If you haven't studied C before, don't worry—knowing it is not a prerequisite for learning C#. But if you know it, it will be much easier for you to learn the C# language.
A little oil oil, but there is no getting away from it.

The language studied in our course has adopted the advantages of such languages as:

  1. C++;
  2. Pascal:
  3. Smalltalk:
  4. Java:
  5. Modula;

The main essence of the creation of this language is that it was necessary to take all the best that is in other popular languages and combine all the charms and wonders in one box. That's how C# came about.

This language is one of the most popular on planet Earth, the fourth place in the ranking of

History of the language name

The very name of the language comes from musical notation, where the sign sharp (#) means raising the corresponding note of sound by a halftone.
Also, the name can be interpreted from the name of the C++ language, add two more plus signs, that is, there will be C ++++, and from these four pluses you can add a lattice, the C# language still adopted from C ++ not a little useful.

Language Features

The language comes with a GIANT library. Therefore, if you plan to write something in C#, then most likely the implementation of your task already exists in the world, you just need to find it and "saw" it for yourself.

  1. C# places greater emphasis on managed and secure code;
  2. There is a garbage collector, you can not worry so much about the "leak" of memory during the development of programs;
  3. There is no multiple inheritance;
  4. In C#, there are only objects, which means that you always work only with objects;
  5. Easy (to some extent) to master;
  6. Rapid development;
  7. Modern and ubiquitous;
  8. Quite high reliability (unlike C++);

In C#, games, websites, mobile applications (Windows Phone) are developed, and the creation of artificial intelligence is practiced.

As it is not difficult to guess from the list above, this language is used in a variety of industries and for the implementation of a variety of tasks.


In this simple way, we dealt with "the first acquaintance with the C# programming language (sharp)"!

Installing C# Programming Programs (sharp)

In order to start writing programs in C# (sharp), you will need specialized software. Such a tool is provided by the well-known company Microsoft and it is called Visual Studio.

About Visual Studio

This is a professional development environment, it has a huge toolkit for developing programs and allows you to write code in various languages (C / C ++, C #, Python and others). Do not be afraid of the word "professional", if you start your way on the road of programming with this development environment, then in the future you will have a great chance to go out as a smart programmer.

Visual Studio also has a shortened name in the form of two Latin letters VS.

This product for writing and maintaining code is used by thousands of IT companies and the ability to handle VS will be a worthy plus for a novice developer.

Install Visual Studio

Since this is a powerful product, it is not cheap, but to our general happiness there is a free version called Visual Studio Community, which we will use in the future. Don't worry, this stripped-down version has everything you need to learn the C# programming language.

  1. Make sure that you have free about 50 gigabytes of memory, the environment is large in content and content;
  2. As a standard, download the installer (installer, in our opinion) at the link: You will be transferred to another page (the download will begin automatically, if not, then act according to the instructions on the page);
  3. Make sure that you are connected to the Internet, this will be required for a successful installation;
  4. After it is successfully downloaded to the computer, run the installer as an administrator (right-click on the -> run as Administrator);
  5. The usual installation wizard will open, follow the instructions;
  6. Run the installation and do not touch the computer, the installation will be long. How long it depends on your PC, the more powerful it is, the less time it will take (I develop professionally, so I have the Enterprise version, the installation took about an hour);
  7. After a successful installation, the corresponding VS shortcut will appear on the desktop and in the start menu;

This completes the installation of everything you need for C# programming.