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Interesting applications on "Android": the most original solutions

applications on Android

Thanks to the free and freedom of use, the operating system "Android" is gaining more and more fans. It is this popularity that is due to so many different additional programs developed for this mobile OS.


Developers offer users not only a list of necessary applications, but also just fascinating and interesting programs. Below we will consider the main ones.


This application was released relatively recently, but has already managed to take its place among interesting applications. The name is translated as "Icon Editor" and this already speaks of its main purpose. The program changes the appearance of the desktop icons, regardless of the standard theme. In addition, with its help, you can change the names of shortcuts.

If the user does not like not one of the proposed options, then he can create an application icon himself, using saved images for this. The main application window is divided into two parts, one of which provides a complete list of all installed applications, and the other and works on changing shortcuts.

Due to the recent release, only one version of the program is available to users so far. It can be easily found on the Google Play service. This application is very relevant for users who want to distinguish themselves from the general mass of standard designs.

Sloz Launcher

This application is provided for users by the manufacturer and the previous program. But, unlike the first, it is older and has several versions. Literally, the name translates as "Lazy Launcher" and this justifies its purpose.

The main task of the application is to create a quick access toolbar for frequently used programs. This action gives users the opportunity to spend as little time as possible searching for the right program. Manufacturers consider this solution very relevant and this is proved by thousands of downloads of the application. The program does not take up much space and resources, but there is still a minus.

Namely, paid download of the program. Of course, you can get a free trial, but it will not be able to demonstrate all its capabilities in full and for a long time.


You can hear about this program by watching the videos created in it. This application is created as an analogue of social networks, only communication here takes place by means of short videos. In it, you can communicate, put likes, hashtags and demonstrate your life to other users in real time. The program became popular quite quickly, due to the fact that there are no direct analogues to it at the moment.


Literally in Russian, the name is translated as "pocket". I don't immediately understand what exactly it means. In fact, it's just a deferred page reading app. Today on the Internet you can find information on absolutely any topic.

It is a pity if it comes across to the user at the most inappropriate moment. For example, sitting at the workplace, a person finds very fascinating information, but there is simply no time to read it, and with a subsequent search, this page may not be found.

What should I do? Install Pocket. It gives the user the opportunity to make bookmarks on interesting sites, and most importantly, you can read them in the future, even without an Internet connection. The program has the ability to synchronize with other applications, for example, with Twitter.

«Ready Contact List»

You can translate the name as "Ready Contact List" and everything becomes clear. The program simply provides the user with his list of contacts, only in a modified form. Their organization is more convenient for finding the necessary information. To run the application, it is enough to enter your work account for Google after installation, and the rest of the application will do automatically.