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Install AndroidStudio, configure the SDK

AndroidStudio is a necessary thing for developers. Still, so you can write for smartphones and tablets (and not only) programs that are familiar to many. It can be a simple utility, or it can be a professional tool. However, first you need to identify the first goal - installing AndroidStudio and configuring the developer package. Only then will it be possible to work on programs recorded for Google's OS.

How do I install AndroidStudio?


The installation process is different everywhere. True, the procedure is the same - a simple transfer or unpacking of the archive with data for the operation of the program. There are several ways to install – they are different, because the operating systems may be different.

The most popular is Windows, which will be discussed now:

  1. To begin with, you need to download from the official website of the developer .exe file in which all the necessary files for the functioning of the software are stored (if you are asked to choose a version based on the bitness of your Windows, then you need to check the parameters, because if you incorrectly correlate the values, then AndroidStudio may not be installed);
  2. After the file is downloaded, it will only be necessary to run it, because nothing will block the path for installing the software. No firewalls and antiviruses will "swear" on the presence of malicious software, because the packages are certified by the developer himself;
  3. When the installer opens, you will only have to follow its instructions. There will be nothing difficult in choosing components for the developer. You just need to see how the process lane goes. After that, the user will receive everything necessary for the development of programs on Android.


In the case of macOS, you need to perform an equally simple algorithm that looks even simpler:


  1. First, you need to download the .dmg file and open it, after which the user will be provided with one component - the AndroidStudio program;
  2. To install it, you must move the icon to the Applications folder. The copying process will begin, which at the end will make a special sound, and the directory will "jump" in the Dock menu;
  3. At the end of the procedure, it is possible to extract the image - it will no longer be required.

Linux has a familiar procedure, which is almost no different from the rest - it still requires a console to perform the operation. Only here you also need to work with the graphical interface itself, because there are a couple of operations that are more convenient to do with the usual file manager.

The algorithm itself is as follows:

  • First, you need to download the .zip archive from the official site, and then unpack the contents into a folder with all the programs;
  • Next, you need to open the terminal and write a special command in the line:


  • After that, the user will be provided with an installer, the instructions of which must be followed. This may be somewhat reminiscent of the situation with Windows, but only in a Linux environment. At the end of the procedure, Android Studio will appear in the program menu.

Launch of AndroidStudio

After the user downloads the necessary program, you will need to open it. However, the user will not be greeted with a welcome screen with a proposal to create a new project, but another installation wizard. This time, these will be additional components that will make it easier or faster to compile APK files.

It is recommended to configure everything carefully, because then you will have to mess with the installation of extensions. However, the exception is the case when the user is a beginner and does not understand Java and other languages at all. After selecting all the components, the program will download the required software, and then it will be possible to create anything your heart desires on the Android platform.

About Programming on Android

To program on Android, you need to additionally have skills in such popular languages as Java, Python and others. Otherwise, you will not be able to write anything. It is recommended that before practicing on Android, you can practice your own computer in the console to create familiar programs. And if you want everything at once, it is recommended to take a course on compiling APK files and working in AndroidStudio. After all, not everyone can test code and do other things.