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How to unpack the cache on "Android"?

unpack the cache on Android

Surely, to date, almost no one remembers the times when mobile devices with difficulties played polyphonic MIDI-melodies. As for their displays, they can boast only 65 thousand color gradations.

Smartphones that are produced in the modern world are, in fact, portable microcomputers that are distinguished by a productive central processor, as well as internal RAM cells and other features. Thus, it is not surprising that the owners of such systems often have a desire to play real computer games. True, Yu have difficulties with unpacking the cache.


Feature of applications on Android devices

Nowadays, it is difficult to surprise anyone with large volumes of computer game distributions. As for the world of programs for smartphones, the norm is a few tens of megabytes or less. However, this is considered to be true only partially. Let's say that when downloading a game that is 5 MB in size, a user does not always suspect that after it is launched in the background, the main data of the application begins to be downloaded. Such a set of files is more of a game and is called a "cache". However, theoretically, there may be APK files of several gigabytes. As for installing them, there may be problems with this. To save bandwidth and provide greater convenience, this set can be downloaded in advance from another source or transferred to your device. In this case, you should know how to unpack the cache on Android devices.



You need to choose a cache for your own gadget. The type of video accelerator, the size of the available memory, the processor and the screen resolution are important. Often, the cache is offered for download as a single archive file. It is worth noting that this is more rational than many small ones. First of all, you should pay attention to how to unpack the cache that is in the archive. The most popular formats are zip and rar. Initially, it is desirable to download the archive to a personal computer, unpack it on it, and then transfer it to a mobile device. To be able to work with archived data, you need to install WinZip and/or WinRAR.

As an example, you can consider the situation of how to unpack the cache on a computer. You will need to start WinRAR, and then use the analogue of the usual explorer to select the downloaded archive, point to the "Extract" icon in the program header and confirm the actions performed. As you can see, everything is quite simple. In the end, you only need to move the unpacked files to the memory card of the gadget using the Card Reader or an ordinary USB cord from the "charging".

The Right Way

There is one important question that requires an answer. It sounds like this: how to unpack the cache on Android devices through a computer. In fact, it won't be enough to simply rewrite the unpacked data to any location on the SD.

In this case, it all depends on the manufacturer of the game itself. Thus, in many cases, it is necessary to migrate the cache along the Android/Data/ path. Usually this is indicated on the pages of the site from where the cache is downloaded. Some devices can use internal storage capacities.

It is worth noting that there are many ways to transfer data from SD0 to SD1. Obb-on-SD, FolderMount, drive substitution scripts can perfectly cope with this. Although, many owners of mobile devices included in the average price category should not face these problems.

Basic method

It is necessary to consider the question of how to unpack the cache for the game on Android devices when using the solutions provided by the developers. First, you need to download the APK-file of the required game application to the mobile device from the Google store or third-party resources. Then you'll have to install and run it. Next, the user will see a message that the program will download the data it needs from the Internet.

In some cases, a dialog box appears on the screen that displays a confirmation prompt. This method is considered one of the most convenient, since the characteristics of the mobile device are automatically determined and the modern cache is downloaded. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that downloadable objects of large volume need high-speed Wi-Fi, and not 3G.


When the game directory is not exactly known It was mentioned above that the files need to be placed in a specific folder.

But what to do with unpacking the cache if the name of the game is not known exactly?

In this case, it is worth doing as follows:

  1. Install the game client.
  2. Start it and stop downloading the cache after a few seconds.
  3. The program independently creates a folder with the required name in Android/data or obb.
  4. After that, you will have to carefully look at the directory in order to determine where to place the cache files.

This is one of the most accurate ways. Of course, you will need to sacrifice a few megabytes of traffic needed for the first files.

How do I unpack a cache for a Gameloft game?

This manufacturer of gaming applications is quite popular. One of the alternative options how to unpack the cache on your Android device in the game from Gameloft is the following:

  1. Download the APK installation file to your mobile device (installation should not be carried out yet).
  2. Download the GLZip application (executable) and run it. In the window, select the command "View Links in APK", as well as specify the game file. As a result, the links necessary for downloading and unpacking a certain cache will be displayed (it all depends on the hardware configuration of the device).
  3. Select the desired cache.
  4. When the download is completed, it is time to extract it from the archive. The Unpack team can cope with such a task. Unpacking occurs in the same directory where the packaged file resides. It is worth noting that all data will be moved to the Sdfiles folder.
  5. At the end, this directory is renamed to the required name, as well as moved to Gameloft/Games.

The advantage of such a solution is that the absence of viruses in cash is guaranteed. The explanation is easy to find. The thing is that the data is downloaded from the official websites of GameLoft. In addition, the download speed in this case is at a decent level. In some cases, game lovers ask the question: "How to unpack the cache?". It is worth noting that this is quite simple. The bottom line is that Rar and Zip archivers are not able to work with jar files, where information for applications is sometimes distributed. As for GLZip, the application copes with this task perfectly.

As you can see, there's nothing complicated about unpacking the cache. This process is no more difficult than replacing files in an ordinary computer game. It is worth recalling the algorithm once again: downloading and installing the APK file, unpacking it and placing it in the necessary directory.