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How to sync contacts with Google on Android via PC?

Android via PC

Smartphones on the Android OS are very fond of modern users due to their affordable cost and a large number of free applications, as well as a very rich functionality, which, by the way, can be easily increased.

But in this case it will not be required: the function of synchronizing contacts with Google on Android is available to users without any smartphone upgrades.


What might this feature be required for?

The function of synchronizing phone data with a Google account is designed to protect contacts and phone numbers in case of loss or breakdown of the native gadget. Many users find it quite easy to recover phone numbers. However, practice shows that users in the event of coming with a mobile device are most likely to mourn lost contacts. You can buy a phone and a new SIM card anywhere, but restoring the phone numbers of business partners or distant relatives is not such an easy task. To reduce the likelihood of such deplorable cases, android developers have introduced such a useful function as synchronizing contacts with Google on Android.

How do I sync contacts with Google on Android?


You can perform this operation as follows: First of all, you need to create an account in Google. We believe that you have already fulfilled this item, because without it you will not only not be able to synchronize, but also go to the PlayMarket to download something from there. However, if it happens that you do not have such an account, be sure to go to the and create it. So, you've created an account. Now you need to go to the settings menu of the smartphone and find there the item "Accounts and synchronization". Go into it. Here you will be able to see all accounts not only from Google, but also from other services, for example,, Webmoney, etc.

We won't need extra accounts. In the section where user accounts are presented, there is a synchronization slider in the upper-right corner. Before you synchronize contacts with Google on Android, you need to click on this slider in order to start sharing data. If the slider is already on, do not touch it. After that, go back to your account. Go into it. Here you need to put a tick in front of the contacts, simultaneously noting everything that you consider necessary.


That's how you managed to connect your smartphone with your computer by synchronizing. Now you need to take care to synchronize contacts with Google on Android 4.4 and other versions of the operating system. To do this, go to the phone book, open the options and click on the Back Up button, "Export to". After clicking on this button, a window will appear with the choice of where to save a backup copy of your phone book. You can save it to a memory card. The field of this is again clicked on the "Options" item and select the "Import" button.

A list of import paths will appear, you need to select "Memory Card". After that, click on the email address of the account. As a result, the search for a backup copy on the memory card will start. When it is found, you need to mark it with a bird and start the import process. You should wait a few minutes. All phone numbers in your Contacts list will be copied to your account.

Now you can transfer the contact to a new smartphone. To transfer your phonebook to another device, you need to sync your contacts with Google on Android. To do this, do all the manipulations described above. Go to the "Settings" menu, select the "Accounts and synchronization" section, start the process of transferring information. After that, familiar phone numbers should appear in your phone book.

Where can I see a list of contacts on my personal computer?


So we figured out how to synchronize contacts with Google on Android. Now you need to figure out how to find them on the computer. Why? Well, first of all, out of simple curiosity. Secondly, on the computer you will be able to edit these contacts, divide phone numbers into groups, add photos and so on. Thirdly, this is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the principle of how a Google account works and find out what advantages it gives compared to the accounts of other email clients.

It is necessary to enter the address of the in the address bar of the browser and log in. Next, at the top left, you need to find the Gmail arrow button and click on it. After that, switch to the "Contacts" item. All available phone numbers that you previously copied from your mobile device will appear on the screen. What can be done here? First of all, you can change the contact details by clicking on the pencil button. After that, you can add additional information, the name of the organization, e-mail address, position, address, photo, birthday, etc. However, it is not limited to simply editing the contact. Phone numbers can be grouped, similar profiles can be found, and so on.

Porting numbers to Google: another way

If there is a problem with syncing contacts with Google on Android, you can use the following method. The first step is to back up your contact list. After that, you need to go to the phone book, click on the "Export" and "Save" button. Then you need to transfer the backup file to your personal computer, using any convenient method. you need to go to your mail in Google and switch to the "Contacts" tab. Here on the left toolbar you need to click on the "More" button. Here you need to select the "Import" item. Next, select the desired file with a backup copy by clicking on the "Import" button.

After that, all the numbers from the smartphone will appear. In the same way, you can synchronize contacts with Google on an Android device. Only now on the toolbar you need to click on the "Export" button and save the document in vCard format. Then you need to transfer this file to your mobile phone, using any convenient method. Then open the phonebook and click on the "Import" button from the memory card. After that, select the desired file. That's it, you can enjoy the whole phone book.

Sync: Other ways

The presented method of synchronization using a personal computer is far from the only one. To transfer the necessary information, you can use special utilities. It can be both utilities from the official developer and from unofficial, designed for all brands and models of phones. In this case, you will need a USB cable, a special utility, drivers and a desire to synchronize. The synchronization process in this case will take only a few minutes.