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How to promote a website if you made it in 2022

SEO tips are updated annually. Here is an instruction on how to promote a website using SEO in the current year. From this article you will learn tips for 22-23 years. But first subscribe to our Telegram channel, we regularly publish such useful instructions.

This article is for beginners in SEO and generally beginners in Internet marketing. For those who think that there is a magic pill and if you feed it to your website, then everything in life will be fine.

There is no pill. It takes a long time to promote a young site, and if you promote it with someone else's hands, it is also expensive. There are no people who promote websites quickly and inexpensively. But there are hunters to profit from the gullible and inexperienced.


Here's how websites are promoted:

  1. Internal SEO optimization of pages (read our complete guide to search engine optimization of pages).
  2. Contextual advertising (read about the vicious circle of a young site).
  3. Content marketing (read about 5th generation websites that give tons of applications).
  4. Content clustering (read how page clusters make content marketing much more effective).
  5. Link building (link promotion, external optimization, backlinks and other names of the same thing) is the most effective tool.

You see in front of you not 5 different recipes, but 5 types of work that are interrelated and which must be conducted simultaneously. There is no such thing that someone once optimized your page of the site and you are in the dams. Here's how the process works:


Having created all the pages of the site, the webmaster optimizes them: fills in the Title and Meta description, optimizes the titles <H1>, fills the text with keywords and their synonyms. Optimizes page images: fills in ALT.

Behavioral factors

The finished optimized site should be shown to search engines. Google-Yandex algorithms evaluate sites not only by content and SEO attributes. The key factor for them is behavioral factors (how and what visitors do on the site). Read our article on the importance of behavioral factors. The best way to show the behavioral factors of the site to Google-Yandex and rocket soar in the search results is to set up and run contextual advertising. You will receive statistics for search engines and orders from the site. Usually people like it so much that advertising does not stop, even when the site has a lot of organic traffic.

Content Marketing

Do you want a lot of targeted visitors on your website? Then you need a lot of pages on the site. Each keyword that brings orders, it is desirable to work out a separate page. So count how much work you have: 100-200 keys - the same number of pages. Not empty, but discovering something new and preferably through the prism of your experience. I will not even specify now, because every third article of our blog is about article promotion of sites. Which we have been successfully applying in our businesses since 2010 (read to the end of this article, there is just about it). Read the data about content marketing from the latter – it's interesting!


When you write a lot and write correctly, you form clusters of articles that link to selling landing pages (learn how to make a cool landing page yourself and for free). And happiness comes, because this scheme works – landing pages pump traffic and (oh, miracle!) grow in search. The scheme is exclusively "white" for Google-Yandex (i.e., allowed), in contrast to any gray mutothenia, such as link purchases and behavioral cheats. Read more about clusters and what they are eaten with here. Your site should have clusters and you (well, or whoever you do) will collect them and link them with each new page.

Getting Backlinks to a Website

The last point is link building. People who know will twist their finger at the temple: how can you put the link last? Is that, damn, the main thing?

Yes, the links rule. But as long as your website doesn't mean anything in this world, you'll only get backlinks in murky ways. No one in their right mind will come down to your site until it's of no use. That's exactly what I'm carrying: make a useful site, and the links will grow themselves. You can speed up the process, you can just surrender to the will of the waves. The bottom line is that you will have backlinks after all that I wrote above.