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How to launch a website MVP and earn in 2 months

minimum viable product [ MVP ]

Spoiler alert: Run a complex site piecemeal, not all at once.

What makes it difficult to create websites in general? Functionality and when the site has a lot of pages with different designs. The most difficult thing is all together: both the functionality and a bunch of spectacular pages. Almost all of our sites are like that.

Functionality of the site

Functionality is all the features of the site that need to be programmed:

  • search
  • blog with engagement mechanics
  • authorization and personal account
  • multilingualism and language adaptation
  • product catalog with filters
  • calculator
  • product selection guide
  • integration with 1C
  • purchase with payment
  • application forms
  • CRM, ticket system
  • admin panel for all of the above
  • a million other buns

Any function on the site is the work of programmers. You can raise the site on a ready-made CMS or website builder, if their functions are enough. Then you don't have to program anything. But one has only to want more and hello custom development! And tail: endless bugs and testing.

Page templates

Now about the difficulties due to the number of pages. Each page with an individual design is:

  • design
  • draw
  • Make up
  • make a template for CMS

If you make a multi-page site with the same design of all pages, then you will need only one template. In fact, a spectacular corporate website from the ReConcept web-agency is 20-30 templates. Had we made fewer of them, no one would have ordered anything from us.

Accelerated launch of the site MVP

запустить сайт
In general, we make multi-page functional sites. And suddenly they found that the usual scheme of launching "turnkey" is stalled in such projects. After all, how do they usually make a website? Take the TK, fight over it as long as necessary and roll out the 100% final version. Saw to full satisfaction at least a year, at least two.

All this time, the customer is waiting for his site, waiting for absolutely workable in all functions. Why? After all, no program works at 100%, there are always bugs. The more complex the program, the more potential errors there are. Amazon developers make 10,000 changes to the site every day! At the same time, Amazon is the most technologically advanced business in the world. Would Jeff Bezos have been the richest man in the world if he had postponed the launch of 15 years ago? Yes, he would still fix bugs and there would be no Amazon at all.

Would Jeff Bezos have been the richest man in the world if he had postponed the launch of 15 years ago?

We are moving to a phased launch of complex sites. Compare the two approaches: classical and step-by-step.

The classic approach to creating a complex site (launch in 6-12 months):

  1. Design of all pages — 2 months
  2. Create all page templates – 2 months
  3. Programming of all functionality — 2 months
  4. Testing – 2 months


Phased development of the site (launch in 2 months):

  1. Design of the most important pages – 0.5 months
  2. Creating templates for the most important pages – 0.5 months
  3. Development of the most important functionality: – 1 month
  4. Launch of the site MVP
  5. Create the rest of the page templates and run
  6. Creation of the rest of the functionality and testing

In the second case, the site will be finally ready in about the same time as in the first. The gain is in an earlier launch. Do you want to start earning in 2 months or in a year?

Do you want to earn in 2 months or wait a year?

I will choose to launch in 2 months. I'll start the site, start getting orders from customers and write a blog. I will collect feedback from customers and get invaluable information about where to develop the site. I will add everything else to the site in the working order.

Microsoft always rolls out an unfinished product and finishes it according to reviews. This is one of the richest companies – it has the right approach!

Launch MVP and develop it

A minimum viable product (MVP) is a product that has minimal but sufficient functions to satisfy the first consumers. The main task is to obtain feedback for the formation of hypotheses for the further development of the product. It's not made up by fools.