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How to install .run files on Linux

dot run files

Installing files with a ".run" extension.

To install this file, you must make it executable.

You can install such files in the following ways:

  1. The graphical installation
    method of Find this file. Click on it with the second mouse button and select "Properties".
    This will open a menu where you can manage properties. It is necessary to select the tab "Permissions".
    And tick the box - "Allow executing file as program".
    After carrying out the listed manipulations, you can run the ".run" file and install it.
    The file is launched by double-clicking.
  2. Terminal installation
    method If for some reason you could not install the application using the graphical installation method or you are not satisfied with this method, then you can install from the terminal (console).

    Initially, you need to start the terminal (Hotkeys ctrl + alt + t).
    Next, go to the directory with the ".run" application.
    In my case, the application is in the following directory:

    And make the file executable (instead of my_program specify the name of your application):

    And run this application:

    Running the application may cause an error message "permission denied". This means that you do not have enough access rights to run. To do this, this command must be run under sudo with super user privileges. Be careful when using sudo and run only those applications that you trust, as sudo gives full execution rights to this application.
    cd /home/myuser/Downloads
    sudo chmod +x

    sudo ./