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How to install firmware on Android from a computer and without it?

firmware on Android

In what case is the "Android" firmware required? This is necessary if the user wants to expand the functionality, get acquainted with the gadget in the new "wrapper", adjust the work of the phone when it is not possible to make a rollback, and so on.


Installing firmware on "Android" using a computer

First you need to download it. It is advisable to download from the official website of the developer of the mobile device. It should be noted that the software should be chosen for a certain model of the device. Otherwise, there may be problems with the installation. When the official site does not have the required software or it does not suit the user for some reason, you can find custom software on the Internet.

Custom firmware is an operating system presented by an unofficial developer. It has some improvements, the ability to fix bugs and bugs. In addition, such a product is able to increase the capacity of the battery. True, only safe sites should be chosen for the search. It is also advisable to familiarize yourself with the features before downloading, view screenshots, read reviews from other users.

What do I need to know?

Before you start flashing your mobile device, you should remember and adhere to a few rules:

• the battery charge must be at least 80%;
• it is required to install drivers on the computer for your own device
• it is undesirable if the Android firmware breaks down due to a power outage (it is recommended to use a laptop);
• to protect your own device from a poor-quality operating system, you need to create a backup copy of the existing software and data;
• it is not recommended to use the USB 3.0 port during flashing;
• it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the firmware before downloading, avoiding suspicious sites;
• It is advisable to use the original USB cable that comes with the device.
• after flashing, you should hold the power button of the device for about 15-20 seconds.


With Fastboot, you can get the firmware of the Android tablet through your computer. To do this, you will need to download the Fastboot utility program and unpack it to the root of the system disk. The result is a folder with the path to it C:\Android. In addition, there are two more objects: Tools and Drivers. The first contains the required programs, the second - drivers. You must open the Drivers folder and install the drivers. After that, you need to transfer the downloaded firmware in the zip archive to the Tools folder.

Next, the device is connected to the computer when using USB. It then opens a command prompt (or cmd) and enters without the "cd C:\Android\Tools" quotation marks. Once you have navigated to the directory of this folder, you should enter fastboot devices. After that, the device code appears. If it is not, then you need to unlock the Bootloader, which provides OS data on the state of the memory card, RAM, kernel. In addition, it is responsible for the process of booting the operating system. Thus.

If the bootloader is not unlocked, it will not be possible to reflash the device. It should be noted that in case of its unlocking, the device loses the warranty. However, you can re-block if you need to. You should pay attention to the fact that unlocking erases all the contents of the device and memory card. That is why it is recommended to create a backup copy of the internal memory and SD card data before doing this.

Unlock bootloader

To unlock the bootloader, you need to perform the following actions:

1. Disconnect your mobile device.
2. Connect it to your computer and hold down the power button at the same time, as well as both volume keys.
3. A command prompt (or cmd) opens on your computer, in which you need to enter "cd C:\Android\Tools" without quotation marks.
4. Enter the fastboot oem unlock command.
5. Checked again with the fastboot devices command.

When waiting for device appears instead of a device ID, you should perform a driver check and replace the USB cable. If the device is recognized, you must enter the command: fastboot update file When the firmware is executed, the device reboots.


Before you install the firmware on Android using a computer using Flashtool, you will need to download the operating system in ftf format. Then you should install the utility. The downloaded file intended for flashing should be placed in the Firmwares folder located in the program directory. After that, it is worth running the utility. Then you need to click on the button with the lightning icon, which is located in the upper left corner, leave a point on Flashmode.

Next, you will need the operating system file from the list for the device. On the right, wipe user data and Wipe Cache should be checked. After a short wait, a window appears that contains instructions for connecting the phone. When you connect it to your computer, you must simultaneously hold down the power button and the volume down. When the program gains access, the process of automatically flashing the phone using a computer begins. "Android" is installed quickly enough, just a few minutes will last. After the process is complete, you should turn on the gadget and go through the initial configuration. This option for installing the software is considered one of the best.

Use of specialized programs

Most developers of mobile devices have created special service applications. One of these is the Fly smartphone software update. It allows you to update the current operating system and firmware of the "Android" Fly-smartphone using a computer. First you need to download it and install it. Then the program will be offered to connect the device to the computer.

It should be noted that USB debugging should be active. Otherwise, you should use the help of a utility that will allow you to do this. Then you need to click "Install driver", connect the smartphone, run the program. After that, you will need to click on "Check for update" and select a model from the list. A window with information about the software will be displayed on the screen, where you need to click "Start Download" and follow simple recommendations. There are other utilities that allow you to install firmware on Android via a computer.

Recovery Mode

In this case, you can also reflash your own device. To do this, use the Recovery mode. First, you need to download the operating system and transport it to the SD card. This firmware is carried out without a computer. To install a new operating system on your phone, you'll need to go to the engineering menu or Recovery mode. But first you need to turn it off, then hold down the power key and the volume down at the same time.

Given the "recooveri" version, the actions are as follows:

— in the standard version, you must click apply update from external storage;
— in the version of TWRP it is worth clicking on install ZIP;
— in the CWM version – apply update from sdcard.

When the firmware is successful, you will need to reboot the smartphone and go through the initial setting. If all possible options have been tried, and the device could not enter the "rekoveri" mode, this means that this function in the device is turned off or it does not exist at all.

Finally, it is worth recalling a few more important points that allow you to save your nerves in the case of installing the Android firmware. Before you can perform this operation from your computer, you must back up your data. To do this, you can use special programs from an official or unofficial developer. Thus, system recovery will be possible in the case when the flashing did not work. After carrying out all the actions, it is necessary to hold the power button for about 15-20 seconds. If the device does not turn on, you can remove the battery and then reinsert it. Then you need to turn the device on again. Typically, a flash card needs formatting. Therefore, it is advisable to move its contents to the computer before carrying out the flashing procedure.