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How to get root-rights for "Android" through a computer?

root-rights for Android

All operating system manufacturers try to protect system files from external interference as much as possible. Of course, pirated versions do not belong to such a list, we are talking about official versions. This is explained very simply, if an inexperienced user wants to change something in the system folder, then often such actions lead to system failure and malfunction.

And such users are the majority. However, with the proper removal of restrictions, you can increase the operating potential of the device. And in order to remove restrictions on devices with the Android operating system, the user can use a specialized program.


Basic principles

You can expand your powers both directly through a mobile device and using a computer. You can find a suitable program on the Internet. Let's first consider the internal structure of the OS. Technically, all system data is stored on a solid-state drive inside the device. It, in turn, is divided into cells in which the files are located. At the heart of the gadget operating system "Android" is a computer version of "Linux". This is a similar folder from Microsoft called Windows.


Most often, access to it is completely closed and only in rare cases the user manages to view the files located there, but no more than that. Any attempts to change anything are blocked at the system level. In order to remove this restriction, the user needs to use specialized software that will provide him with the rights of "Root".

Choosing a Solution

There are many policy solutions to carry out such actions. They are provided both directly for the device and for use on the computer. But it is the second option that is considered more reliable and universal. It allows you to root on any version of the OPERATING system and gives a good result. On which program to choose, the matter, exclusively, of each user. Below will be a list of the most popular.

King Root

This program is provided by Chinese developers and has several versions. It can be downloaded both for the gadget and for the computer. But since we are talking about computer rooting, let's consider this variation. Before performing all the software actions, the user will need a cable to connect the gadget and the computer. After downloading the appropriate version, namely three and one, you should install it. The process is not complicated, all actions occur automatically. To extend user rights using the "King Root", it is necessary, before connecting devices, to perform preparatory actions on the mobile device.

You should find the "For developers" section in the smartphone and open the "About the phone" item in it. After that, quickly click on the "Build Number" item several times. The user will see developer settings in which you need to specify the permission to debug via a USB cable. Only after that you can run the program on your computer and connect your phone to it. When the program recognizes the device, you need to click on the blue button in the working window. After that, a corresponding request will appear on the screen of the mobile device, which you need to confirm. Then it remains only on the computer program to select the "Try" function and wait for the result of the work.


For such a process, you should initially disable USB debugging in the settings, but at the same time connect a cable to the device. In the running program, press the "Root" button and confirm debugging in the phone. You're done. Of course, you may need to change the debugging settings to work correctly, but these are small things. During rooting, the phone may reboot, this is not a cause for concern.


This program is very popular among users. Everyone who used it was satisfied with the result. Of course, among all the positive qualities there are some nuances. For example, this application can fully function only with versions of the gadget operating system not lower than four and four. It is he who gives the program access to "Root". To use "VRute" the user needs to install the program on the computer and open it. Once started, connect your mobile device to your computer and allow it to be debugged. After the program recognizes the phone, click the "Root" button in the work window. If everything is done correctly, then the gadget will reboot and everything will be ready. After that, when launching other applications that work in tandem with Android, the user will be asked for permission.

«Kingo Root Android»

Consonant in name with the first one considered in the list, also developed by Chinese manufacturers. This app is one of the most successful models. In order to expand your rights on a mobile device with its help, you must first perform actions on the gadget. In the security settings of the phone, you need to allow the installation of additional applications from unverified sources. You also need to configure debugging of the gadget via a USB cable. Using the program is similar to all of the above. After connecting the phone and recognizing it by the program, it remains only to press the "Root" button and wait for the end of the operation.


It turns out that obtaining root rights on a device with the Android operating system is a fairly simple action. In addition, it is much more efficient than rooting through a mobile device itself. An important feature of this process is the presence of an Internet connection on the computer. It is with its help that all programs find suitable exploits for a particular phone. And for some programs used directly in the phone, the Internet is not required.

Remove extended entitlements on your phone

After the process of obtaining root rights for the Android operating system has been described in detail, it is necessary to talk about their removal. Such an action may be necessary for the user in order to return the phone to its original position. This may be necessary before handing over the gadget to the service center or before selling it. The guarantee of returning all the original settings is to reinstall the operating system on the phone.

Flashing resets all root rights that were previously obtained. But the downside is that along with such extensions, all other settings are reset, so this solution is used very rarely and only in cases where nothing else can be done. Basically, to reset additional rights from the gadget, the same programs that added them there are used. That is, if rooting took place using the program "KingTruth", then in the list of installed applications you can find the corresponding shortcut. With it, opening the desired program window, you can simply disable their use. A similar solution is used in other similar applications.