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How to create a beautiful menu for your website

The menu for the site is perhaps the most important part in the structure of any site, and a beautiful menu allows you to navigate the site while pleasing the eyes of visitors to the resource. In today's tutorial we will tell you how to make a beautiful menu, with simple animations and some effects using CSS3 technologies. Undoubtedly, the features of CSS3 (transformations and animations) allow you to give the design of the project a more refined look. Here's what we get out of it..

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Recently, we published a post on how to create such a menu, but without various effects.

The structure of the HTML code for the menu is used as standard for such cases:

As you can see, the markup is not complicated, in it we use a simple class li. The next step is to create CSS styles, perform a reset on the ul element:


The #menu item is the main one for our menu. Gradients, shadows and rounded corners will help us create the following design for it:


Turn off the wrapping:


Now let's formalize the list items:


Note the #menu selector li:hover > a . It works as follows: select the "a" element, which is a child of the "li" element; the element "li" must have an ancestor "#menu".



With CSS3 transformations, we can animate changes to CSS properties such as margin or opacity. Let's take advantage of this opportunity to design a spectacular appearance of submenus:


Now let's deal with the first and last item in the list of submenus:


Now jQuery. IE6 requires additional steps:



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