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How to choose a name for a startup?

The basis of your name will be the base word, so first choose as many words as possible with which the project is associated. Break these words into thematic groups. Here are some ways to get the words you want:

  1. Identify the words that describe your startup. Words should describe the essence of the project, aspects of your business. This can be a product category (travel, music, fashion), or features (sharing, placement).
  2. Expand the list of words with objects, phrases, feelings related to the project. Try to make the new words more original than the main words in paragraph 1. Focus on the details, write down everything that comes to your mind
  3. Synonyms. Multiply the number of base words by adding synonyms.
  4. Visual associations. Think of an image that explains your idea. To do this, you can use Pinterest, which contains a huge number of high-quality images. You can also use the simple search for images through search engines.
  5. Use words from other languages. It's a surefire way to get a lot of interesting words.

Embracingunity and permutation of words

Now that the list of basic words for your startup is ready, it's a good idea to merge and rearrange the words. What to try:

  1. Combine the two words. Try combinations of two nouns, as well as a noun and a verb. Joining words is one of the most popular ways to create names. Examples: FaceBook, Foursquare.
  2. Merging words. Try combining the two parts of each word so that together they create a euphonious name. For example: Pinterest (pin + interest), Codecademy (code + academy).
  3. Add prefixes and suffixes. Another popular way is to add a prefix or suffix to a word. Examples: onSwipe, inDinero, Spotify, Shopify, bitly, Huntsy, Rootsy.
  4. Simplify or change a word. You can remove certain letters from the word or change them to shorten and simplify and thereby get a beautiful name. Such names sound original and unusual. Examples: Tumblr (tumbler), Google (googol), Reddit (read it).
  5. Add a number. It is good if this number is associated with the project. Example: 1000memories (many memories).
  6. A good combination of domain and prefix. Examples:,,,,,
  7. Add to get- or -app. Example: WhatsApp.
  8. Use premium domain ideas. If there is a lack of ideas, this way can help.