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How many people do you need to make a website

The more people made a website, the more expensive it is. And how many do you need? From this article you will learn everything. 


With this article I want to show what kind of team is needed to create a site, what each participant does and who can be done without. And explain why the site is ordered in a web studio, if it can be done independently.

Let's calculate how many specialists work in the studio to create a corporate website of medium complexity on a CMS or framework. Here I will sharpen your attention: if you make a site on a website builder like Tilda, then you can do without some specialists and save on it. But if you intend to make a complex functional site, then read on.

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  2. Is the price the criterion for choosing a web studio

By the way! Starting from a certain point, your own team of developers for a company that has embarked on the IT rails will be more profitable. But we still need to grow to this level. In most cases, an outsourced web studio is more profitable. Among the arguments for the studio is also the opportunity to get a better result.

Team for professional website creation

  1. Marketer
  2. SEO Specialist
  3. UI/UX Designer
  4. Web Designer
  5. Front-end developer
  6. Programmer
  7. Copywriter
  8. Project Manager
  9. Translator, illustrator, 3D artist, videographer, animator, consultant, photographer...

4-15 people work on the site. Everyone specializes in a specific stage. This is sometimes puzzling: the old site made a "student who installs antiviruses"." One did, without an ensemble. Why do we need so many people if the previous site was made by a single freelancer?

If you are making a website for business to make money, then you need a professional team. No freelancer will do it alone. And the "IT specialist" who serves 1C-Accounting and even more so. If you're serious about a site you're being drawn to by some boy, you're in trouble.

A freelancer will make a business card site. This will be a page on the Internet with contacts. Even if you have a "slider", "guestbook", "portfolio" there - this is still a page with contacts.

An experienced web studio is able to solve complex problems, involving highly specialized specialists in the work. On the example of web design: when a web studio made business card sites, one person was enough to draw a layout. As the toolkit expands, one web designer becomes not enough. The team is joined by an illustrator, a 3D modeler, an icon artist, a UX writer...

What a marketer does when creating a website

Studies the target audience of the future site. Identifies the needs that the site will close. Analyzes the sites of competitors: adopts successful decisions and discards unsuccessful ones. Prepares tK for content manager, UX-designer, web designer.

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What does an SEO specialist do?

Prepares a semantic core, prepares the TK of the site architecture, develops recommendations for writing the text, conducts internal optimization of the site.

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What a UI/UX Designer Does

Makes prototypes of sites. The prototype of the site is a working skeleton: each element is assigned a place, transitions to links from page to page are indicated. Schematic, like a drawing. On the prototypes, a convenient understandable navigation of the site is worked out. You are probably familiar with the term "usability". So, the prototype makes it possible to "touch" the site even BEFORE creation. Prototyping (design) is an integral stage when a website is made.

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What a web designer is responsible for

Dresses the prototype of the site in a pleasant and understandable shell. Makes the site "talk" to visitors, to be friendly. Sites are memorable thanks to web designers. The web designer is responsible for the visual concept of the site. It takes into account the hierarchy of elements of the future site, which was set by the UI / UX designer. To do this, the web designer highlights the main elements with the available tools. A web designer visually brings to life what the marketer and UI/UX designer have planned on the future site.

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What a front-end developer does

Implements the page layouts submitted by the web designer. Its task is to transfer a vector drawing to HTML code. The level of development of the Internet gives the layout designer JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, CANVAS and other technologies. A layout designer (in another way, a front-end developer) must know and be able to use several tools. The industry is developing, layout designers follow the innovations and adopt world experience.

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Transfers the layout to the CMS (ready-made or written from scratch), configures the administrative panel and programs the functionality of the site. Functionality turns the site from a source of information into a means of solving applied problems. The application form, payment for a cell phone on the operator's website, a personal account in the service, an online store basket - all these are examples of functionality.

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Why do we need an administrator (manager) of the project

Supervises the work of the team. Interacts with the customer on technical and other issues. Monitors the deadlines and controls the compliance of the result of the work with the technical task. Eliminates the need to lead a team of developers.

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Who else makes the site

In addition to these people, the following people work on the site: copywriter, text author, SEO-optimizer, illustrator, video editor, photographer and others.

Who is not needed when creating a website?

Now you know who is responsible for what. Who can be removed? Go through the list one more time. Who is redundant? Young studios are looking for specialists of a wide profile. They try to combine several professions in one person, because this will reduce the cost of the process. We did it ourselves at first. Cheaper, though. Imagine a designer who draws and immediately makes up. One person instead of two. The reverse side: an average level of design and layout at the output.

Quality is obtained only as a result of specialization. Outstanding results are in narrow specialization.

A programmer is rarely a good layout designer, and a layout designer is almost always a programmer. A web designer is rarely an illustrator. And the artist does not cope with web design. The more time he is a specialist, the more time he spent on the profession, better mastered it. Combining 2-3 professions in one person, we consciously average the level of a person in each profession.

Why websites order in a web studio

Let's compare the creation of a website in a web studio with ordering a website from freelancers. Almost certainly the studio will cost more. But working with a studio has a number of advantages that outweigh the only advantage of freelancers:

  • The studio organizes the work of several specialists and conducts it. I dare say that without experience, you will not be able to organize a group of freelancers in the same way.
  • The involvement of a studio employee in your project is at a higher level than that of a freelancer. The task of a freelancer is to spend as little time as possible on the order and take the next one. An employee of the studio receives a salary and his motivation is to do his job as best as possible. And the studio strives to turn a new client into a permanent one and therefore is focused on the benefits that can bring to the client and bind him to himself.
  • The expertise of a web studio is higher than that of a freelancer. On the side of the studio is a collective mind and a large number of projects behind them. A freelancer fights alone, his toolkit is limited to his own skills and there is no one to brainstorm with. If there are several freelancers in the project, this does not change the case: they do not communicate and everyone works according to his own idea of the project.
  • The very approach to the work of the studio and the freelancer is also different. A freelancer performs the task that you assigned to him. Studios delegate a business task, it chooses the toolkit, argues it and executes it. The studio does what you are forced to do on your own, managing a group of freelancers.

How much does a website cost in a professional web studio

If you were told an estimate for a corporate website from scratch and it is less than the salary of an IT specialist, this means that one person will do it. Or a team, but 3 days. You won't like the result.

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It is better to do nothing than to make a cheap website. A cheap-looking website discredits your business. If the online reputation for you is not an empty phrase and you plan a serious work on the Internet. A corporate website is a virtual office. It should look respectable, be comfortable, functional. The site forms the first impression of the business. A cheap business card site disgraces and harms business.

A corporate website turns out to be good for 1.5-6 months of work of a team of a dozen people. An adequate price tag will consist of the salaries of those specialists who made it + the margin of the studio. If you look at the site as an investment, the price is absolutely normal. If you are not going to make money on the site, then why do it at all?

Marketing guru Sergey Slavinsky said that the more expensive the site, the better. What he meant was that a good website is never cheap. That a great site is more expensive than a good one. The principle works: the more you invest, the better and more profitable the result. And to a cheap site and the attitude does not give a damn.