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Horizontal slide rotator in jQuery

Today we will look at another version of sliders for the site, all this has the form of an automatic accordion with the ability to caption images, as well as with the ability to select and number the slide. For all this we will use liteAccordion – a small jQuery plugin to quickly create a horizontal accordion. It has a size of ~1.4kb (in the minimized version) and can output any HTML elements (images, texts, videos, Flash..). Let's see what it all looks like..

In this plugin, you can use two return functions: when the slide is activated and when the transition is complete. The plugin includes two themes.


And so, first, let's include jQuery, CSS styles liteAccordion and JavaScript code liteAccordion:


Then we create the structure of the accordion, for this we insert the markup for the liteAccordion plugin into the page code:


To call the plugin we use:


Now let's look at some of the plugin options, below are the parameters with default values: