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Example of a binary search program in Java

I continue to fill the section for novice Java programmers with useful articles. This time we will look at an example of a binary search program in Java. It is known that Java has a standard class in which different variations of binary search are already implemented, but in this article we will write our implementation of this algorithm in

Briefly about binary search

Binary or binary search is one of the classic algorithms for finding items in a sorted list or array of numbers. The search occurs by dividing the elements of the array into halves.

Below is a program that implements the binary search algorithm. The size and elements of the array will be entered by the user.

The result of the binary (binary) search program in Java:

The result of a failed binary search:

Here is such a simple program to demonstrate how binary search works in Java. Stay tuned in the Getting Started section and read more Java articles for beginners.