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Download Google Drive for Android

Download Google Drive for Android

Google Drive is a program for devices based on the Android operating system, which allows you to work with cloud storage of information from a popular search engine. The application allows you to save and create various types of data and documents, as well as send them.


Those users who have an email inbox on Gmail have long appreciated all the positive aspects of using the Google Docs system. However, the developers did not stop there and continued to work in the field of cloud technologies. The Drive application combines Google Docs and an online repository of information of any type. To do this, each user provides free 5 GB.

If this capacity is not enough, you can purchase additional gigabytes for a fee. But for the average user, free space is enough to work for every day. To date, this application is used by several million people.

How does the program work?

After downloading and installing the utility, you need to run it. The main window will appear on the screen, which is divided into five sections. The first is "My Drive." It contains the files and folders that the user has created. Next is the section "Available to me", which contains the data of a third-party user who opened access to them.

The third tab is called "Flagged." It contains data highlighted by the user as important. In the "Recent" section, documents that were used not so long ago are posted. The last tab is "Offline Access". This is a very interesting feature that similar programs do not have. It is designed to save information from the cloud directly to a mobile device.

This allows you to have access to data even without an Internet connection. If at this moment there were any changes in the files, then when accessing the WAN, they are synchronized automatically, and the updated version will remain on the server. If there is a need to create a new document, it can be done directly from the device through the utility. You can add any file to the vault.


The software allows you to create various office documents. You can also save any file to the cloud. In addition, the application allows you to open access to information to any users who have an account in Google.

Advantages and disadvantages

The software provides access to the documents in the cloud from any place with the availability of the Internet. In addition, the application allows you to save information for work without a network connection. Of the shortcomings can be noted the limited capabilities of the mobile version of the program.