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Download app for create music on Android

Download app for create music on Android

Modern portable gadgets have ample opportunities. Such devices greatly facilitate the life of each person and are able to help in various tasks.


To date, Google Play has a huge number of applications for editing music, among which a suitable professional and beginner will find. Here you can find a lot of standard programs and a huge number of exclusive ones. The set of functionality of mobile applications is much smaller than that of stationary ones, however, and this is quite enough to write a simple composition.

Cross DJ

This app is considered one of the best for DJs. The interface of the program resembles a music installation with records and contains all the necessary functions of the audio editor. In its segment, this application occupies a leading position. This was achieved thanks to a simple and intuitive interface, a wide range of tools and a large library of audio effects.

This program can be used not only by professionals, but also by novice users. To do this, the application provides two interface options: normal and professional.

The advantages of the utility include accurate detection of VRM, the presence of track synchronization in automatic mode, special tools for setting gestures, pleasant visualization of audio waves, an integrated mixer that contains all the necessary functions for daily use and much more.

To save the result, you can use the memory of the device and cloud storage. You can add original audio recordings using the integrated file manager. The application is available in paid and free versions.


The app looks like a virtual DJ remote. The program includes the most necessary functions of the audio editor. Cross DJ is specially created for mixing tracks. The user is given the opportunity to accurately set the parameters of the original file. The application has a clear interface and is distributed free of charge.

djay 2

This app is designed for professionals and novice users. The utility has collected the most necessary tools for creating club music. At the same time, it is very easy to understand its capabilities and use. The program can be used as a DJ console, provides an accurate visualization of the audio track, is able to interact with other equipment, has a large library of audio effects and can use smartphone music files.

In addition, audio files can be taken from third-party resources. To do this, you need to link your account to the application. You can work in the program in landscape and portrait layout. The interface of the program, if necessary, can be customized at will.

In addition, it is possible to record music or voice using the integrated microphone. In addition, djay 2 is able to work with a large number of popular audio formats. The program is distributed on a paid basis.


The software provides users with a set of all necessary tools. Also, the application is able to interact with various devices. It is possible to change the appearance of djay 2. The program has a huge library of audio effects. In addition, it is possible to work with music resources. The application has a modern interface.

Music Maker Jam

This program is designed for novice users. all functions and interface are aimed at comfortable creation of musical compositions in different styles. The application has several audio tracks. When you select one of the styles, the necessary samples automatically appear, of which there are an unlimited number in the program.

With the help of the program you can change the volume and tempo of the song. It is also possible to process ready-made compositions by adding various effects. All integrated samples have been tested and configured by professionals. This greatly simplifies their use without the risk of losing rhythm. In addition, the software is able to expand, which allows you to add third-party samples of other directions in the music. For the correct operation of the program requires a 4-core processor, 1 GB of RAM and 100 MB of memory.


The application has a huge number of different magnifiers. It is possible to combine samples of different styles in one composition. The application has a mixing console with 8 tracks. An accelerometer for mixing is also integrated into the program. In addition, djay 2 has a simple and pleasant interface that allows you to control the program even for novice users.