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Download Android OS to laptop or PC

Download Android OS

Each user can work with a variety of versions of operating systems. Modern platforms function equally qualitatively and efficiently on numerous devices. This applies to stationary and mobile facilities.

For all users, it is not a secret that the Android system can work without problems on computers or laptops. For this reason, users are increasingly downloading it not only to mobile devices.


Anyone can use the platform as an additional or primary. In the first option, various tests are supposed to be carried out. As a result, you can perform various manipulations that will not be able to harm the work of a personal computer.

Using Android x86


Often, the need to use this platform comes down to downloading those components and programs that have been developed specifically for the Android OS. There are several projects thanks to which the porting of this system can be made to a variety of devices.

The most famous project is Android x86. It is constantly updated. So users should work with updated versions that function in an improved mode. Users can download Android x86 from the official resource.


Iso and img images are available. They are used more often than others, since they are configured specifically for certain models of devices, including various netbooks and tablets.

Users will first have to create an Android image. To do this, just download the version of this platform you like to the selected removable media. Users will have to use a special software product. The actual assistant is the Rufus service.

With the help of this utility it is possible to implement this process quickly and efficiently. The software product also allows you to perform all the necessary settings, which have a positive effect on the further work with bootable removable media.


If the user uses this utility, you will need to specify the ISO recording mode. The use of the Win32 Disk Imager application is justified by the need to write an img image. So this free software will become a very relevant assistant.

Launch Android x86. Implement the process without pre-installation

As soon as the download procedure is fully completed, users will see a menu in front of them with a proposal to install Android x86. Also, users can download the operating system already installed on the computer.

We need to activate the first option. Thus, the launch will be implemented in Live CD mode. The download process is short-lived. At the end of the procedure, you will need to specify the interface language. Immediately after that, the Initial Android Setup window will open.


Also, the user can refuse to make adjustments to the parameters. Even if the configuration was made, then after rebooting the device, the specified parameters become the same. So there is no need to adjust the parameters unless there is an urgent need to do so.

Immediately after that, the working window opens. The main screen of the updated operating system is standard. A local area network is operational. You can also use the Internet, as Wi-Fi is available.

The system is operating normally. Users need to check all the important aspects. Based on this, it is possible to draw a conclusion about the performance of Android. But there should be no problems with this OS. The only minor drawback is the not pre-loaded Google Play services.

Installation Process

Each user implements this procedure. To implement, you must specify the appropriate item at the time of downloading the program from the flash drive. In the list, this parameter is listed last. So select it and then you can install the system as primary or secondary.

Preliminarily, it is necessary to perform preparatory manipulations. They are produced in relation to the hard disk. Users will have to break the hard drive into several sections. As a result, in a certain section you need to install Android x86.


But this process can be quite difficult to implement. This is especially true for users who do not have experience in carrying out this kind of manipulation. So it is worth figuring out whether you need to install the system or not.

Next, the installation is performed. For devices with different settings, it may vary. So users will not be able to find a single instruction on how to implement this process.

But in general, the procedure is identical. Users must first select a partition to install. Pre-prepare the place to which this system will be loaded in the future.

At the second stage, a window will appear with a proposal for the formatting process. So the user can agree or refuse to implement this action. If you do not format, you specify a certain amount of memory that can accommodate the downloaded program.

The next step is to carefully review the suggested actions. In general, you can additionally install another component - the Grub4Dos boot loader. The user should agree to this suggestion because the installer will immediately identify all available operating systems on the device.


In the future, all these programs will be added to the boot menu. After the simple steps are performed, the download process itself will begin. As soon as the procedure is completed, you can immediately start the installed system.

If you need to work with another OS, it is enough to restart the computer. After booting the device, you will be asked to select one of the platforms on the basis of which further work will be performed. You can also download Android and work with it at any time.

Work with an improved version of Android x86

Users had the opportunity to work with an improved version of this platform. In January 2016, Remix OS for PC was presented. This operating system has an improved interface and other additional features.

Developed a system for using Android on a personal computer. This software product will be pleased with the presence of a full-fledged multi-window interface. With his help, it is possible to quickly solve a variety of problems. There is also an analogue of the taskbar and menu, which is copied by the famous "Start". In general, there are a lot of similarities with the demanded Windows.

The desktop of this system is also filled with shortcuts, clicking on which will immediately download the selected software product. So when working with this software you do not have to face various difficulties.

You can also run this current application from some removable media or install it on your hard drive and then boot Remix OS directly from the hard drive.