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Doing Android Hard Reset

Android Hard Reset

Every device running on the basis of the Android operating system eventually goes into trouble. And the reason for this is often failures in the OS. It is worth noting that it is not necessary to immediately contact the service center, where they will perform flashing of the device.

You can simply make a factory reset, which will return the device to its original state.


What is Android Hard Reset?

If you use the device carefully, the Android operating system is able to live for a long time without failures and various problems that arise for several reasons:


• frequent installation of applications from dubious sources that can harm the operating system and system files.
• clutter of the device's memory with temporary files, cache and other garbage left after using applications, browsers and games.
• When obtaining the rights of a superadmin (root-rights), the user is unknowingly able to delete important data.
• Operating system components are blocked or removed by a virus.

Often there is a virus that blocks the phone. He demands the transfer of money to the account, threatening that this is a criminal offense. No need to be intimidated by such messages. It's a common divorce. Android Hard Reset is able to cope with problems caused by various reasons. This is a special feature of the mobile device, designed to reset all data to factory settings. As a result, the user receives an absolutely clean device, as it was immediately after the purchase.

It's hard without preparation.

Before making Hard Reset Android, certain preparations are needed to save important data. These include the phone book, passwords, accounts, etc. This is done in different ways:

  • Synchronizes with your own Google account via mobile Internet or Wi-Fi;
  • Connects to the computer using USB, then saves all the data of the device when using a special program;
  • You can save contacts from the phone book by moving them to the memory card.

In addition to the internal data of the mobile device, it is recommended to copy the files stored on the memory card to the computer. It is worth noting that Android Hard Reset deletes not only all personal data, but also information about the placement of files on the SD card. Thus, on the filled memory card that is inserted into the device after the reset, the new file system will be displayed on top of the old one. When all the valuable information is saved, it is suggested to do Android Hard Reset. This is done in three ways:

  • Programmatically (from system settings);
  • In Recovery;
  • Using a PC.

Reset from settings

This method is used when the device starts normally and works correctly, as it is carried out from the settings. You need to open "Settings", find "Personal data". Different versions of "Android" provides different names for this item. For example, "Recovery and Reset" or "Accounts". You need to go there and click "Reset data to factory settings". After that, you should agree to everything that is proposed. You will need to click "Reset devices", and then "Remove all".

Through Recovery Mode

It is worth noting that the factory settings can be returned using System Recovery. It will help in the case when the device does not turn on due to combat or its constant reboot is observed. Thus, it will not be possible to get into the settings. To enter recovery mode, you need to turn off the phone and hold a few buttons. This combination can be different and depends on the manufacturer who released the device. Samsung's Hard Reset Android is performed as follows:

1. Three keys that are placed on the body of the phone are clamped: power, menu and volume up.
2. When a black screen appears with a list of buttons designed to adjust the volume, you need to select wipe data/factory reset, Yes and Reboot now.


The following steps are provided, depending on the manufacturer who released the device:

• ASUS. Keep the volume down and three seconds power. Enter recovery mode is selected. Then everything is the same as in "Samsung".
• Alcatel. The power and volume is kept up. Then it's worth looking at the instructions for Samsung.
• ACER. The principle is the same as in Alcatel.
• HTC. Press and hold the volume down, up and power. When the "Warning" label appears, you should press the volume up separately.
• NOKIA. It is required to hold down the volume down, power and camera buttons.
• SONY. In this case, the situation is somewhat more complicated. First, you need to charge the phone to the maximum level. Then the cord is disconnected, a search begins on the case or under the lid of a small round hole, behind which a reset button is placed. You should press it, using a needle or paperclip. In this case, the screen should light up, and when it goes out, you need to clamp the power and press the volume up several times.

Via PC

Sometimes the phone does not turn on, and the Recovery mode in the mobile device is simply not provided. In this case, it is proposed to do Hard Reset Android through a computer. This will require the use of specialized programs. Almost every manufacturer has provided their own devices with specialized programs that are able to update the system, create a backup copy of data, perform flashing, restore the device, making Android Hard Reset.

First you need to download this utility. To do this, you can visit the official website of the developer, as well as other services and blogs. It is worth noting that it contains information on how to reset the device through this program. True, to deal with them is quite simple and without help. They are intuitive, so problems are practically excluded. After that, you need to download the drivers for the required "Android" device, if they are not available in the database of the service utility. Next, the device is connected to the computer when using USB. The reset process begins.