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Create a slider gallery with jQuery


If you have a lot of images or multimedia content on your site, and you would like to visually beautifully design it, then you should pay attention to the slider gallery using jQuery. Since the scope of its application is not limited to the display of pictures, you can integrate any content into it: text, links, pictures.It is quite simple to use and looks beautiful, attracting the eyes of visitors to the information posted in this slider. In this tutorial, I will tell you how you can recreate this content rotator on your site, and so let's look at it.

As you probably guessed, we will start the creation by connecting the necessary scripts and CSS styles of the gallery, to do this, between the <head tags> insert the following code:


Next, you should connect the following script, in which you can change the delay parameters (it indicates the delay time between the show of two slides), animationTime (it directly indicates the process of changing slides (animation)), and you can also replace the names of the "Start" and "Stop" buttons with your words, for example, "Start" and "Finish".


In the place where you want to see the gallery, you should insert two blocks, specifying the following styles for them:



Next, we need the blocks to be numbered, this happens using the following script:



Further, in each element of the <li></li> you can insert any content:



That's all, if you do not like the style of design, then it can be easily changed in the page file.css