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Create a beautiful CSS3 pricing table

Website styling is undoubtedly the most important element of web design. Developers are trying to make a site more unique and attractive for their users, because it is no secret that the better the design of the site, the more it attracts positive user reviews. In this tutorial we will look at the process of creating a beautiful table with prices for services or goods, while using only CSS3, no images for the table, and a minimum of HTML markup. Such tables help the user quickly and easily find what he needs.

To begin with, we will consider HTML markup, it is quite simple and should not cause difficulties:


The next step will be to develop CSS styles, as you probably guessed, all the emphasis is placed on them, since this table uses only these styles.


Since this structure does not use a table, there are a number of advantages:

  • Minimum HTML code.
  • Images are completely absent, which greatly facilitates support.
  • Excellent compatibility with older browsers.



As you can see, these styles are made as simple as possible. This is where the table is ready to go.