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C#  : Multiplatform App Programming Language

Programming in C #

C# is an object-oriented programming language that's great for beginners because it's simple. It has a C-like syntax and is very similar to the Java and C++ languages. And in this article we will talk about the advantages of this language, sources for study, as well as areas of application.

History of the language


This language was created by Microsoft in 2000. A lot of constructions are literally slicked from the Java and C++ languages, and a lot of new things have been introduced. The language itself runs on the .NET framework.

By the way, since the language is inherited from C/C++ and is part of this family, there is a theory that in fact C# = C + + + +. After all, the lattice icon consists of 4 pluses. Just so that it wasn't very cumbersome, they decided to reduce it to a grate.

Advantages of the language


As mentioned in the first lines of the article, it is an object-oriented language (abbreviated as OOP). Since this article is for beginners, it is worth saying what OOP is. This can be explained by the example of the plant and the preparation of soup. So, to prepare the soup, we need to make an algorithm: go to the store for groceries, put the water to boil, cut the ingredients, add the ingredients to the water, add salt and stir, wait n-time.

It was the simplest algorithm, and if it is necessary to describe the work of the whole plant? After all, a huge number of processes occur on it simultaneously with a large number of conditions. Therefore, it is easier to describe the work of one sector, one machine. That's what the PLO is doing. Allows a huge and complex to decompose on the shelves.

And this language has an approach with OOP to everything. And this is one of its advantages.

Also in the language is a huge amount of syntactic sugar. What does that mean? This means that instead of a huge and complex design, you can use a short and simple one, which will save time for development. True, in this barrel of honey there is a fly in the ointment - we are talking about performance, which drops slightly due to such abbreviated designs. But the code becomes more convenient to read.

And one of the big advantages is that C# runs on the .NET Framework. Now about what it is. The .NET Framework enables you to translate C# into an intermediate IL language, and that language is converted to machine code (machine code is the only language that understands a computer's processor).

What gives? If two people write the same project in different languages, then the intermediate language will connect them. In reality, such projects will very, very rarely occur, if at all.

Next, it is worth saying about the ability to use a considerable number of libraries and templates, instead of creating your own crutches and bicycles. Just go to nuget and add the necessary template and start using it.

In addition, the language has a large community. Therefore, finding the answer to your question or any other reference material is quite simple. Hence the many training videos on YouTube.

And it is impossible not to mention the tools that you will use during development. You can write in C# in Microsoft's own IDE, Visual Studio. This development environment is teeming with functionality, even if most of them are not affected in real tasks. Due to the number of tools, Visual Studio takes up about 15 GB (at the time of writing). This environment has a free version, community.

Its functionality is enough to start studying, as well as for most commercial projects.
By the way, the company is obliged to buy a paid version if the company has more than 250 computers, or earn more than $ 1 million. United States.

Well, how can it be without cross-platform, .NET Core allows you to write on popular operating systems, such as Linux, iOS. Windows may not be mentioned.



C# is a popular language, and there are quite a few things you can write without it. On it you can create desktop applications, you can develop mobile applications using xamarin, you can write web applications or web services, games on unity, engage in machine learning and so on.



If you have a passion for creating games, and you are interested in the C# language, then you should think about developing games on the unity engine. Just understand that programming on the game engine and programming in the IDE are different things.

Desktop Applications


Applications in C# for computers are not particularly in demand in the market, however, there are offers. In either case, you should be familiar with WPF and WinForms technologies.

Whatever it was, knowing these technologies, you can create more convenient software for yourself if necessary. With the help of .NET Core technology, you can create software for different operating systems.

Mobile Apps


Mobile applications in C# can be created using the Xamarin framework. Yes, C# has this capability. True, in the CIS countries, the market does not give out a large number of vacancies, in the west it is much better. As for the framework itself, it allows you to make cross-platform applications on android and iOS.

A huge plus of this technology is that the code for applications on different operating systems is one. For companies that develop services in C#, you do not need to hire Swift and Java developers to create applications. Of course, xamarin will not replace Java for android or Swift for iOS, but there is an opportunity, and few use it.

Web Applications and Services


More vacancies you will find specifically about the development of web applications of web services in this language. Typically, applications for a site are written in the ASP. NET Core. The technology is very popular and in demand in the market.



If in school you previously got acquainted with the very concept of programming on the example of pascal, then you already have a small base for learning this language. For pascal also has loops, variables, conditional operators, functions, and so on. With such little knowledge, it will be easier to start.

If there is no such knowledge, then you can use a free course on YouTube - 

This playlist will give the most basic knowledge that you need to have at the start of learning C#, and any other language in principle.

Next, you can move on to one of the most useful free services for learning the C# language -

This service is useful because it does not learn the C# language, but programming on the example of this language. After all, a language is just a set of rules that are later compiled into machine code, and programming is the solution of a problem using a specific language. And here they will introduce you to all the basic constructions of the language:

  • Data Types
  • Conversions and casting
  • Methods
  • Conditional operators
  • Cycles
  • Arrays
  • Collections, strings, files
  • Algorithms
  • Oop
  • Testing
  • and much more

That was only a small part of what they explain. This is a very useful service, and it definitely needs to be used during training.


C# is an emerging language created by Microsoft. It has many advantages, which include: a large community, convenient tools, cross-platform, syntactic sugar, the availability of ready-made solutions.

You can write almost anything on it. Need a mobile app? -Xamarin to help, do you like to make games? - There is a Unity engine. Need to write a web app? -ASP.NET Core The
language itself is very easy to learn, but you need to practice a lot.