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Back up your data on Android

Back up your data on Android

It is impossible to neglect the creation of a backup copy of information on both stationary and mobile devices. Most often, problems arise with smartphones, since they can not only fail, but they are also often stolen. It's a shame to lose data because it's the memory of the most important events.

It is also important to copy the phone book, because it records the contacts of everyone with whom the subscriber communicates. Recovering this data is very difficult and time-consuming. That is why each user must carry out the backup procedure.

Causes of data loss on Android

Most often, users face this kind of problems:
1. Loss of the device.
2. Failures in the operation of the smartphone.
3. During the repair process, no copying was carried out in the service center.
4. Block the operation of the device with Android OS.
5. A factory reset has occurred. This leads to the fact that the device becomes completely "clean".

Whatever the reason for this, users just need to copy the data all the time. Users do not have to seek help from a special service. You need to connect the cable from Android to the stationary device.

After that, it is very easy to copy the data to the computer to the folder specified earlier. You can then copy to any removable media. Thus, the user will certainly save all the very price information.

Work with professional software

In some cases, users try to resort to the help of professionals. It's pretty easy to back up with Mobogenie. Some antiviruses perceive this service as a spy, so at the time of installation it is better
to disable the scanner.

Mobogenie must be downloaded on Android, and then connect this device to the computer. Next, run the program on the PC. After that, go to the "Phone" section, which is located at the top of the software. Next, select the backup function.

Another great tool is the MyPhoneExplorer app. The utility is equipped with an intuitive interface. Due to this, it is very easy to manage the functionality. The service opens access to contacts, organizer, folders with documents and other data.

For the application to work, it must be launched. After that, connect using the USB cable "Create a backup", which is displayed in the "Miscellaneous" section. As soon as the process is complete, you need to save all the changes.

You can also use ROM Manager as an assistant. The software product must be installed and run. Next, go to the section with the backup function. The application will save the data to the flash drive. If necessary, you can return all the actions performed back. At the same time, it is mandatory to select the restore point.

Also a very useful backup program is Titanium Backup PRO. The utility works quickly and simply. After launching the service, go to the "Backups" section. Next, information will be transferred: programs, contacts, messages, system data.

Before carrying out this manipulation, it is necessary to specify where exactly all the copied data will be saved. If necessary, you can safely restore the information. For these purposes, a special function has been created in the utility.

Transferring data to removable media

Users can transfer all the necessary folders to any device. It is very easy to copy the information to a flash drive or disk. You can then provide quick access to the stored information. You can also transfer data to a memory card.

Backup of a mobile device can be done without the help of a computer. The network has a special store - Play Market. In it you can find a huge number of free tools that will help to copy data very quickly and efficiently.

Just download the utility. Users can opt for VRoot. The intuitive interface of this utility will help you quickly cope with the task. This software product does not apply in Russian language, but it is quite easy to manage.

You can also copy Unlock Root to perform a backup. Some users choose a simple and productive utility Framaroot. To work with application tools, you must be granted administrator privileges.