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Apple's new iPhone 12 Pro Max display just killed the competition

iPhone 12 Pro Max

Apple's iPhone 12 Pro Max has won approval left, right and center for its incredible camera technology, and the company itself calls it the "photographer's iPhone." But another aspect of the new device continues to fascinate both critics and users: the display.


Leading display maker DisplayMate has published a detailed review of 12 Pro Max screen technology, thanks to which it broke a whopping 11 records for smartphone displays. Apple's biggest iPhone is not only one of the best camera phones for taking photos, but it may also be the best for viewing them.

In the DisplayMate review, the 6.7-inch iPhone was the winner in 11 categories, including the highest color accuracy, maximum full-screen brightness, the highest contrast ratio and the lowest screen reflection. Overall, the site gave the iPhone 12 Pro Max display an excellent result. While last year's iPhone 11 Pro scored high with nine broken records, the 12 Pro Max got the highest score in DisplayMate's history.

According to the results of extensive laboratory tests, DisplayMate claims that the iPhone 12 Pro Max "has a very impressive superior display for world-class top-tier smartphones with perfect calibration accuracy close to training and performance that is visually indistinguishable from ideal." Really high praise.


The incredible display is certainly good news for creatives – according to DisplayMate, the iPhone 12 Pro Max offers the best possible digital canvas. on a smartphone. While the size obviously can't compete with any of the best drawing tablets, the stunning camera and record-breaking display of the 12 Pro Max could make it an unbeatable choice for running the best designer apps in a portable body.


And since none of Apple's iPads are currently equipped with LED screen technology (LCDs have less brightness and contrast), the iPhone can be said that the 12 Pro Max display offers the best iPad experience if size isn't important. However, rumors about the spread of LED iPads may soon change.

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